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My name is Tunde Sanusi, a Creative Fellow, Nigerian Blogger, StoryTeller, and Web Designer from Ibadan, Nigeria.

I am also the founder of NetSocialblog.com; a tech and social media blog where i publish articles on technology, blogging tips and social media. Seen on Online Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories, JustNaira, Wanentrepreneur, i also contributes during my free time on Quora, Reddit, Google Product Forum and OgbongePlanet.

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George’s Pieces of Me By Tomi Adesina [Honest Review]

After reading George's Pieces of Me[GPOM] written by Tomi Adesina, i decided to do a review on this blog about the Book and not just any review, an honest review.
   But before talking about GPOM, let me share a little bit details about how i got to know of the author and the book.
  Shall we?

How I Got To Know About Tomi Adesina

I was surfing the web one fateful day and stumbled upon a piece about Tomi Adesina and a short story written by her titled “dear future husband”. I don’t know how but something triggers my curiosity and I decided to read the story.
     Before I knew what was happening at that moment, I found myself staring at the dear future husband short story official page and decided to take a read later. I was about to bookmark the page when something caught my attention and that was “Click here to download the Story eBook”.

I gave it no second thought before clicking the button and boom! I had the story on my device in PDF format

When I finally got the chance to read the book from the beginning till end, i couldn’t help but long for more work from the person who wrote the dear future husband story. That was how I got obsessed about her stories and opt for more of her works which are; Fola King, Clandestine, All Fun and Games and Beautiful Stranger [see all of those stories here].
    All those stories got me WOW and when i check out the author out on twitter, I discovered she launched a book titled “George’s Pieces of Me [GPOM]”. At that moment, I said to myself
“Tunde, am not sure how long it will be or how soon but I MUST get a copy of GPOM”
Fortunately, not quite long after i saw the book, Tomi announced on her twitter timeline about GPOM Book Meet up & Signing at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.


George’s Pieces of Me Meet up Event

    Here is a shot with the Author below;)

    All I can I say in one word is; the event was great and fun.

I mean to hear the story, efforts, and how it feels to be a writer from someone like me is really soothing.

She also talked about how writing has been a great part of her, the inspiration for coming up with the book, and did I also mentioned that people were able to ask questions either about the author or the book too?

You can check all of GPOM Meetup in Pictures here

George’s Pieces of Me HONEST Review

Whenever you want to read the book, I would strongly advise you’re not distracted to enjoy the real beauty of the book. Here’s why

   After gotten the book, I couldn’t read it on that day [arrived Ibadan late at night from the event] and the day after.    When I eventually force myself to read the book in a distracting condition, I understood some part and didn’t.

  But the day I got to read the book in a suitable condition, i was able to get the message.

    The book is a collection of deep short stories which you’re going to likely identify some happenings in the book as what you’re currently going through or what you’ve gone through.

 It unravel some things about life’s mystery which includes but not limited to loving someone, losing the one you loved [some temporary, while some forever], gaining them back, and how it feels to live without your loved ones.

For more info about the book & to get it, visit Tomiadesina.com

She’s also on twitter with the handle @tomi_adesina

3 Quick Things to Do When You’re Sad and Lonely

We all must have once been in a situation at one point or the other in life whereby things don’t fit into our expectation. This kinda of situation is the type that leads to making one feel depressed and lonely [click here to read about my experience here]. But the question is; what do you do when you’re feeling sad and lonely?
     Here on this post are suggestion of 3 things to do whenever you’re feeling sad and lonely

What to do When You’re Sad and Lonely

1. Take a Break – The first step is to take a break from whatever that's weighing you down. It could be things, tasks, people or even your present environment. For instance; if you’re feeling depressed at your place of work, it could be due to the numerous tasks you’re burdened with. In lieu of this, you can try to schedule those tasks in such a way you’ll be able to incorporate a break so as to relax your mind, body and spirit.
     However if you’re experiencing loneliness at home, then you should check option No #2 below.

2. Engage In Your Hobbies – Rather than sit at home feeling bored, why not use the spare time to engage yourself in an activity you love – I mean something like your hobby. It could be music, reading novels, playing video games, sewing, drawing, writing, watching or participating in your favorite sports (football, swimming, hockey, table tennis, jogging, and etcetera)
     In one word; Just find something you love doing and engage yourself with it:)

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3. Hang Out With Your Loved Ones – Perhaps, maybe the best thing to do is to hang out with your loved ones. Loved ones in this case could be a family member or friend and you guys could do anything to catch fun. You can both watch movies together or just take a stroll down the street and gist about some things you’re both interested in.
      Also, if you could afford it, you could go somewhere to have fun like a cinema house, or any fascinating center.

Bottom Line: And there goes the 3 Quick things you can do when feeling sad and lonely. Remember; you deserve to be happy. Hence, Find a new way of looking at the life you presently live, move forward and don’t look back.

5 Positive and Interesting Things About Growing Up!

There was this popular saying which states growing up is a scam. In fact, this can be really true at a certain extent because of some things life might threw in your way from "making the toughest decision, Saying No, feeling confused, and etcetera.
 Even quite recently when i dig a research on Google, the search results and keywords for "bad things about growing up" seems to be far more higher than "good things about growing up".

   But does all these really mean growing up ain't interesting?
        Of course, No!
On this post, we shall take a brief look at some interesting things about growing up. Shall we?

5 Positive and Interesting Things About Growing Up

1. You get to travel anywhere - Perhaps one of the best things about growing up is the freedom to do things you love without being restricted unlike when you're a baby.
     If you have a flexible job or earn well enough, you can decide to change your environment temporarily and go for a short trip to another places just to relax your spirit, learn, catch fun or some other purposes.

 Life is an adventure to be explored, and the more you move around, the better you feel. Isn't it?

2. Be Independent - I know it can be a little bit hard when you're independent or trying to be knowing the fact that you'll have to bear responsibility whether you make the right or bad choices. But then it's going to be really interesting as you would feel less disappointed if you don't depend so much on someone else like we do when we're crawling as a baby.

    Like if a crawling baby wants to take something from an high place, she would have to depend on her parents or older person for it else she won't get her choice. But as regards Growing Up, you can decide to do something or choose not to.

3. Fall in Love - Love is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tool existing on earth which can move mountain if it's a true one. A popular love quotes says thus;
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage" - Lao Tzu
    Infact one of the most important 3 Tools You Can Use To Hack Life's Negativity is Love. However at childhood, love is just a mere word and doesn't have so much meaning but Growing Up, one gets to understand it better.

4. Skills & Career - Someone who loves Video Gaming once said "i wish i was still a kid, all i would have to do is Eat, Play Video Games, and Sleep without worrying about anything". But the truth is; if the person didn't grew up to that stage, he wouldn't know what Video Games are talk less of how to play it or have you seen a 3 year old kid playing a video game before?
  Just raise up your hand if you had cos i doubt it.

The person mentioned earlier who's fond of Video Games was able to learn the skill while Growing Up not before growing up. The same thing applies to our other fields which includes Career too

5. You Begin To Understand Yourself Better - No one gets to understand his/her body in a day. As a girl, the first time you had your period, you'll be like O.M.G, what's this blood WHILE a boy might feel shameful when he first had his wet dream (especially) if you have not been briefed on it before by your parents or trusted guardian.
      Apart from Puberty, growing up gives us the chance to discover who you are, what you want to become and how to be it. Like the services i mentioned on my page here and some other miscellaneous took a span of 4-5 good years! Wasn't a day Job;)
  Some people could do so many things without getting it wrong and all those things were learned during the process of growing up.

   So you see; Growing up is an exciting time, you will just be fine no matter! Just trust in yourself and look at the bright side of things

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