My First Podcast + Important Life Lessons

Did you just read the Post title? I finally did my First Podcast! | Not that am new to the Podcast of a thing Concept but me doing it especially at this moment, IS A REALLY REALLY LITTLE BIG THING (In Iris West's Voice as seen in The Flash Movie). In this post, i'm going to tell you what makes my podcast special and the life lesson you too can learn from what i just did.


Incase you're wondering What is a Podcast? A Podcast is simply a digital audio available on the internet for download usually in series. There are different topics people usually perform podcast on, like Darren Rowse of Problogger.Net whom usually did his Podcast in form of Blogging Tips.
The podcast i did was about TWB latest short-story which is My First Love Story Series although i've only done the podcast for that of the Story Intro. (see link at the last paragraph).

What Made My First Podcast Special

  • Let me describe my feelings in 3 steps - *. You know that kind of feeling a baby feels when he took his first step after crawling for a long time? <= I was excited to take the NEW STEP.
    *. That kind of feeling you get when you had your first mobile phone, <= I was Curious.
    *. The Kind of feeling a mother gets when she had her first child, <= I feel light-hearted after bearing the thought in my mind for a long time.

    Even though i've been aware about what a Podcast is, since a while, i was reluctant (or should i say timid) to try it. Then recently, i decides to take a bold step and JUST DO IT!

What My First Podcast Taught Me

  • BEFORE I DECIDED TO DO IT, I was waiting for THE RIGHT TIME, - A TIME i'd have my PC to make necessary changes on the Podcast, A TIME i would be ready to do the Voice Recording, A TIME that i won't be faced with any Distraction, but the truth is; Waiting for THAT TIME would be like waiting forever simply because;

    - I can't predict THE TIME i would get a PC, so why the wait. Why not just Do it Now using the available means!
    - There is no time that i can't get distracted, i just need to be determined and focus on what i wanted to do.

2 Amazing Ways You Can Use To Achieve Success

Life Lesson You Can Learn About Me+My First Podcast => Is there something you'd really wished to start but you're feeling reluctant because of certain reasons like making Mistakes, Not being Good enough, Distractions, etcetera. Well am telling you that, If your reasons are more or less feeble like mine, then you should do it!
You might made mistake at first but laugh over it and work towards improving, as time goes on, you'll soon learn how todo it the right way.

As a matter of fact, I did the Podcast using my phone which is an Amr format (the lowest quality a sound could have), after which i now did use an online method to increase the quality of the sound which turns it into mp3.
If you listen to voice over on the clip, you would know its my Baby-Steps Podcast *covers face* but i sure did take a leap of faith! As time goes on, i hope to improve.

You too can do it. Remember the one sure way to build your self-confidence is to STOP THINKING and START ACTING! So i dare you to take a bold step and work towards achieving your dream.
If you want to download my first podcast, Goto the Post Here and scroll to the last paragraph.

Is there something you also recently attempt in which you haven't done before? Kindly share with me, i would really really love to know.

DIY Simple Stretching Exercises You Can Do For Flexibility

Previously on this blog, we talked about the importance of stretching exercises and in which the post gave enough and strong reason why one should include stretching exercises in his/her daily routine. Because of that, we'll be looking at some simple stretching exercises which one can do for flexibility and also to stay in good shape.


From going to the office, doing housechores, managing a blog, selling products physically, cooking foods, and etcetera | It is an undeniable fact that everyday, we involved in different activities that requires enough physical energy.

This is why its very important to keep our body machine in healthy and good shape and even though there are different ways which one can use to stay healthy like the steps here, i'll be focusing majorly on the stretching exercises on this post.

According to a source, keeping muscles flexible helps maintain joints ability to move freely, OTHERWISE if they aren't stretched, they might become less flexible and cause certain adverse effects. Below are just 2 Stretching Exercises that i believe is very simple and can be done by anyone.

2 Simple Stretching Exercises For Flexibility and Good Shape

  1. Brisk Walking - Jogging would have been a better alternative for this but i discover certain people do not like Jogging because of majorly two reasons. 1. Some people find jogging a little bit hard whilst 2. Some find it awkward jogging in their neighbourhood.
    If you belong to either of these two categories, you can replace Brisk Walking with Jogging instead of not doing anything at all. According to [Precious Nkeih of PreciousCore.Com], Walking Up and Down helps a lot in staying energized. You too should give it a Try!
  2. Eye Stretching Exercises - You wonder if there is something really like eye exercise? Of course there is! Especially for people who work for a long period of time on a computer, this exercise is going to be really helpful. Now the question is how do one perform an eye exercise? Well, here is it;
    *. When you notice you've been fixing your eye for a long time at a particular spot, simply Try to look at a far distance without moving your head.

    You can also learn more about additional eye-health tips for computer users HERE.

And there goes the 2 Do-It-Yourself Simple Stretching Exercises for Flexibility. I know there are lots of stretching exercises one can do but i thought of sharing just this few, so as not to feel overwhelm.
But you can also add to this post by sharing any other simple stretching exercise you know, or that which you normally do, using the comment box below.

3 Importance of Stretching Exercises For Bloggers/Writers

Although this post applies to all people regardless of whether you are a blogger or not but i just feel like targeting majorly Bloggers and Writers. This is because Blogging can be tedious sometimes especially the 'composing a new post' part as the process of writing a new blogpost requires both psycological and physical effort.

And this is why its very important for bloggers/writers to include stretching as a form of mini-exercise in their routine so as to helps in regainning energy.


Below are list of some (and not all) of the importance of stretching.

Before you Continue reading, Did You Know The Reason Why You Should Pay Great Attention To Your Sitting Posture?

3 Importance Of Stretching For Bloggers/Writers

  1. Makes The Fingers Less Stiff - If you're a content creator, you would agree with me that finger stiffness can hinder one from typing faster and conveniently. There are some certain days that i would want to compose a post but if my fingers were feeling stiff, it would take longer duration to type.
    However if you're into mini stretching exercise like Body and Finger stretching before writing, it would makes your fingers less stiff when typing.
  2. Improves Flexibility Of The Body - Am pretty sure we all loves being able to move our whole body around more comfortably, isn't it? However the truth is that this can't happen by magic, otherwise it would be like saying 'a seed would develop very well by just planting it in the soil without watering it and protecting it from parasitic weeds.'
    Stretching during typing, especially when you're composing a very long post, would helps in making the fingers regain flexibilty and become re-energized.
  3. Checkout Also - What Sleeping Late Can Cause To Your Health

  4. Prevents Weariness During or After Writing - Whether you're doing it for Fun, for Money or for Passion, Writing can makes one feel Tiring most especially if you're writing a VERY LONG POST but the good news is stretching can prevents weariness be it during or after WRITING for a long time.

Actually, I came up with this post having noticing what a typical content creator faces before hitting the publish button for their post. Even though am guilty of not performing stretching exercise when typing, i would also try my best to incorporate it as part of my routine.
In the nearest future, i hope to states some mini-stretching exercises which blogger/writer can include in their routine without affecting their work.

As a blogger, what do you do to re-energize yourself during or after writing? I look forward to hear from you:)

Inspiring Speech And Tips About Yourself

Perhaps we could all confirmed that the most amazing and loyal bestfriend one could ever had is, one-self. Little wonder a popular video game once quoted;
"There is only one corner in the Universe that you can be sure of, and that is Yourself" - Zuma.
Having known this, won't it be more rewarding if you can give insipiring speech about yourself quite often!

No matter how hard they tried to, friends, families and loved ones cannot stick with us 24/7 and if they can, they cannot do so for an ENTIRE WEEK without feeling one or two form of inconveniency unlike one's self which is going to stay with us from the moment we wake up in the morning and stick till the moment we sleep at night.
This is why its very important to take care of yourself physically and psycologically. To cut the long story short, i'll be sharing below on this post 4 inspiring speech and tips about yourself to stay motivated.


4 Inspiring Speech and Tips About Yourself

  1. Control Your Mind - One of the most powerful possession a man had, is HIS MIND. It is so powerful that a populous author once stated, (one can be careless with the material things but not with his mind). The mind is the foundation of abstract things converted to reality.
    Great men known nowadays started by conceiving the idea that make them famous IN THEIR MIND. By controlling your mind, you would be able to resist negative thoughts to enter thus allowing positivity to plant good things in your Mind.
  2. (Did You Miss 3 Positive Things and Tools About Life)

  3. Love Yourself More Than Others - Yes, i meant that and wasn't a typography error! However this is not a case of being selfish or not offering help to those whom you should but its like ACCEPTING YOURSELF AND LOVING EVERY PART OF IT. Taking for instance; in a scenario where someone HATED himself and LOVE so dearly another person simply because he lacked what the other person have.
    Love your flaws, complexion and every bit of yourself, then you'll be amazed at the wondeful features you possess and how much endowed you are!
  4. You Are Special - The truth is, you are always going to find someone more better, more handsome/beautiful, more smarter, more endowed than you but there would ALWAYS be something distinct between you and that person.
    Remembering yourself that you are Special would helps in boosting your self-confidence.
  5. (2 Things You Should Start Doing Now Irrespective Of Age)

  6. Analyze Yourself Using The Mirror - One of the gadgets i cherished most is THE MIRROR. Sometimes i carried it with me on an outing (doesn't that sounds girly;)?) to use it to check not only my physical-self but also the INNER-ME.
    You too should give it a try;)
Above are inspiring speech and tips about yourself that i believe would help. Before i go, you might also want to read 5 Easy Steps To Maintain Good Health.

My First Love Story Part 3 (High School)

A group of 4 girls whom were in school uniforms were seen talking in front of the school gate. They seems to be so engrossed in their discussion so much that they didn't notice a boy in the same school uniform standing behind them.

''I hope you are all preparing for the forthcoming exam?'' said one of the girls
''am trying my best Bunmi, but i don't know about the others ooh'' Moji replied
''Me too. Thanks to Abbey who helps me with mathematics sometimes.'' Oyinda added
''I trust you Oyin. I hope you're paying lesson fees for him sha?'' Ayomide, the tallest among them said
''The subject is very important for my career and yet, can be confusing sometimes'' Oyinda added
''Maybe i should start collecting the tutorial fee as from today'' Abbey finally interrupts in the girls' discussion


They were all surprised except Oyinda whom says she's used to being pranked and surprised by Abbey. After a little chit-chat, Oyinda told her friend she's leaving for home with Abbey

Did You Miss The Previous Part, Read it at My First Love Story Part 2 (The Eclipse)

While on their way back home, the two friends started their usual discussion which usually revolves around school stuff, home, and other things.

Though they were attending the same school, their department was different as Abbey was in the science department whilst Oyinda was in the commercial department. However they still share knowlegde and helped each other on the subjects which were common to the two departments.

''Its less than two weeks to our exam and am still kind of afraid'' Oyinda said
''Afraid of what?'' Abbey replied softly
''i don't know what exactly it is. I just hope i don't take this kind of feelings till the day''
''do not worry Oyin. Everything is going to be fine''
''I hope it will''
''you don't trust me?''
''of course i do?''
''then believe my word that everything is going to be fine''
''you must be joking. Its okay sha'' Oyinda replied and they continued walking.

**** 2 months Later ****

Abbey's Parents were seen discussing about a matter. It seems Abbey's Mom did not want to agree at first but later changed her mind after being convinced. Few minutes later, Abbey's Mom sent for her son.

''Your father informed me now that we're moving to a new location in a month to this time'' She said
''a month?'' Abbey said feeling surprised
''I guess its enough time to say goodbye to your friends here''
''hmmm... To be sincere mom, it isn't.'' Abbey said feeling speechless and lost in thought
''Its what we need todo'' Abbey's Mom said and left for the inner room.

My First Love Story Part 1 (Childhood)

The following day, Abbey told Oyinda about their transfer. One doesn't need to be a truthseer before pointing out that the two friends weren't happy but they have no choice.
''I guess the yoruba proverb is true afterall'' Oyinda said with weakness showing in her voice
''and what is that my dear friend?'' Abbey replied trying to hide the weakness in his own voice
''that 20 friends cannot play for 20years''
''but we're not 20 friends, remember?'' Abbey tried to cheer her up with his usual creative manner
''you have started again'' Oyinda smiled
''And i'll try to ensure we play for 20years and break that record''
''How will you do that when you're leaving in a month's time?''
''By contacting you no matter how far i go''
''okay. So when should we be expecting our O level result?''
''It was stated we would be aware of when its out but once i knew, i would call you''

The two friends discussed about what they wish their result are and other things before Oyinda was called by her Mom to go and prepare food.

To be continued...

**** Moral ****
Life is too short, so enjoy it with your loved ones while it lasts. Abbey never realized he's going to depart from his friend so soon maybe he would have told her some other things, likewise spent more moments.


5 Core Importance of Health and Fitness In Our Lives

There goes a saying which stated thus that "Health is Wealth" and indeed it is true because someone with inadequate health won't be able to do things that would made him/her to acquire wealth.
Although i was aware of the fact that staying healthy does matter a lot BUT to tell the truth, i wasn't paying attention to my health status which made me to break down recently (like i ignored the hair stylist and pay the penalty:/).
Having now regainning the lost strength back, my eyes opened to the importance of good health and i thought of sharing it on this blog whenever i had the enough energy todo so.


Due to the reason i stated in my liebster award nomination about who inspire me (check question No #6), i worked myself more than i supposed to, and to worsen it all, i did only rest for a little period.
Not that it was my fault for the too much activity i involved myself which deteriorates my health status though, but i still held myself responsible because i would have avoided those things.

(What Sleeping Late Can Cause [Health Effects])

So dear TWB READERS both NEW (if you just stumbled upon this blog) and LOYAL reader (if you've already been a fan), below are the importance of being healthy which i deduced from my recent inactivity.

5 Importance of Good Health And Fitness In Our Life

  1. Ability to Partake In Any Activity - Good Health allows you to go anywhere you want and do whatever you want to do. Whether you wants to goto a wedding ceremony, either a birthday party, social gathering, or any form of recreational activities, GOOD HEALTH is the major Factor that influences as to whether you'll enjoy it or Not.
  2. You Don't Get To Use RECOMMENDED Medicines - The sight of those innocent medicine capsules waiting to enter through your mouth to the stomach often make me cringe. I understand that people use them for a good purpose but i don't know why, am just kind of -should i say allergic- to them.
    When one is healthy, you don't have to worry about using a RECOMMENDED medicines.
  3. Walk, Run and FLY to Wherever you Want - Never mind the word 'fly', seems i've exagerrated :/ | But sincerely speaking, when an human is in good health, he/she can choose to WALK and/or RUN for exercising, to a friend's place e.t.c
    My current situation limited to these freedom and prevents me from re-visiting someone regarding my writing works.
  4. Ability To Spend Quality Time With Your Family - If you're a father, you can choose to plan a short vacation with your wife and children just to have some good time likewise fun together! You might decides to go for shopping or go see some animals in the Zoo and took pictures. It might also be watching a movie together in the cinema house or a picnic!
    Whichever one you choose, it can all be done when you are in Good Health.
  5. Make Positive Impact - If you're thinking of sharing knowledge, spreading smiles, helping someone financially or psycologically, being in Good Health is the only way to go. For without it, it would be almost impossible to make a positive impact like we wished for.
Those are the few importance of being in good health and fitness hence it is a MUST we all stay healthy. I've also once written steps and easier method to stay healthy, you can go read it at 5 Easier Ways You Can Use To Maintain Good Health.
Do not forget to share this post on your social networks so your friend can learn too!

3 Ways An Anime Film Can Influence LifeStyle Positively

There are lots of things that can influence one's lifestyle but on this post, am going to talk about one of my hobbies (according to No #3 Facts About Me Here) which is Animation Films!


Animation also known as Cartoon can be in form of VIDEO CLIPS [in movie or tv series] or in form of PICTURE [like the Manga Magazine] and right here, am going to share below how they can be of positive influence to one's lifestyle!

How Animation Can Improve One's LifeStyle Positively

  1. Teaching Morals, Value & Good Character: The opinion most people held about Animation is that its FOR FUN and made FOR KIDS whereas its not JUST that. The truth is that Anime is NEITHER for fun NOR for Kids Only! Animation in similar to normal movie helps one to learn about good morals and friendliness.

    (Read Also 2 Things You Should Start Doing Now Irrespective Of Age)

  2. Form of Entertainment - When things seems to get boring, entertainment is one of the powerful tools that can be used to kill boredom. It could be listening to music or watching interesting movie. Here is why Animation Cartoon can also comes in.
    Are you wondering if an Animation can really be entertainning? I wish I could explain further but i would advise you go watch Kungfu Panda, Legend of Awesomeness! Surely a trial will convince you *winks*
  3. (Health Tips => 5 Easy Steps To Maintain Good Health)

  4. Acquiring Knowledge - Jimmy Neutron an Anime Show is mostly all about Science while Kungfu Panda and Avatar talks about chi, and interesting topics. These anime shows help in passing knowledge which depends on the theme their story is build on.

These are the 3 ways i think animation known as anime can influence one's lifestyle positively. Before i rest my pen, did you know that (ANIME HAD A GREAT INFLUENCE IN JAPANESE AND AMERICAN CULTURE? -click to tweet this fact-)

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