Here's How Teens Can Protect Themselves From Cyberbullying On Social Networks

The Internet has made the world a global village and thus making it easier to connect with people all around the world in an instant. Whilst this is a good news because of the advantages, it is sad that some bad people are using it to prey on others.
     Cyberbullying is one of the major disadvantages of the Internet which implies the stronger and matured one using Internet ESPECIALLY Social Networks to bully the weaker and ignorant one in which quite often, Teens are usually targeted because predators knew people in this age bracket is likely to have little knowledge about the Internet.
     Since its almost impossible to stop the young ones from using the Internet, I hope to share handy tips for Teens to prevent themselves from cyber bullying  on the Internet.

As unreal as it might sounds, it is not mere fact that Cyberbullying had sent some people to early grave while some are stigmatized hence the need for Teens to be careful when using the Internet. An example of a Cyberbullying victim is that of Amanda Todd, a young girl whom was a victim and committed suicide due to the stigmatization.
   You can read more about Amanda Todd and her story here on Wikipedia
  This and other stories are trying to point out that whilst Social Media can be useful, it is important to educate the young ones to stay safe.

How Teen Can Prevent Cyberbullying On the Internet

. Do not Reveal too much Information About You in Your Profile details - When an unknown person wants to know a lot about you, your profile is the first place he or she would stalk. Although teen puts their bio details in a bid to make it easier for friends to connect with them and/or meet like-minded people.
      Sadly, Predators use these information to carry out their ill acts. Teens should be discreet in giving out Top information like Age, Home Address, and the likes.

. Be Mindful of What You Shared Online -- The Internet is so powerful to the extent that "A simple status you update in your room can travel to more than 6 countries likewise seen by hundreds of people in a single minute!" Am not saying you shouldn't be free to express yourself, No. What am simply implying is; Be Wary Of The Kind Of Information You Share Out,  Most Especially If You're A Girl.
        Using words like "sexy" or sharing a picture of you in too much revealing outfit is likely to attract the unwanted people.

Intermission - 2 Things You Should Start Doing Now Irrespective Of Age

. Be Conscious When Chatting With Strangers - When i was in my late teen years ago, i was a curious person who is interested in learning about other people from outside my country in which I happen to get connected with a writer (i think he's a psycologist too)  from Shanghai, a lady from India who taught me few Hindu language, and etcetera so there's nothing bad in meeting people from other places:)
    However whilst some people might have good intentions toward you, others might not and thats why you need to be conscious especially if you're the curious type or someone so eager to meet new people.
       The story of Amanda Todd whom i mentioned i earlier in this post happen to be chatting with a stranger and the stranger requested Amanda to bare her boob in a cam for him to see. The innocent teen did it and years later, the person haunted her with it till the girl could no longer take it and committed suicide.
  In one word, When chatting with strangers, never deny yourself the right to say 'NO' when your instinct tells you and be concious of the kind of things you discussed or share.

The Bottom Line
The teen years is one of the most interesting years and what you do with it is going to have impact in the near future. If you do well with it, you're going to enjoy the next phase but a mistake in the teenager years might do damages in the next phase.
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Parenting Tips: 6 Important Things Parents Should Try and Do For Their Child/Children

Parenting is one SPECIAL role in life as it can simply be put as the foundation that which plays a big part in the life of the future generation (the kids). It is a role every parents need to play well so as to secure the future of their young ones likewise themselves.
      On this post, i would like to talk about 6 handy and easy parenting tips that i believe would be helpful for Parents out there and also help the children.

6 Parenting Skills/Tips Every Parents Should Endeavor To Have/Do

1. Love -  This should be the first and foremost in not only Parenting, but also other aspects of Relationship. Showing Love in this case is not all about Money, its about sincere caring and letting them know they matter to you.
   By showing love to your kids, they would be able to have full confidence in you and also boost their self-esteem.

2. Provide Needs - Giving birth to a baby doesn't makes you a Responsible Parent but Providing the basic needs for them. It baffles me when some parents said 'he can take of himself' to their child whom is not yet independent.
   Although this can be true in some cases but not all cases. You have to build your child to a certain level before he/she can become independent.

3. Make yourself available -
Because of the No #2 i mentioned above, most parents have to engage themselves in a Job that pays well. Sometimes the job especially that of the man ends up consuming lots of time thus making it hard for the man to spend time with his family.
     However it is still possible to create quality time and spend with your family especially the kids. Most children needs their parents to listen to their worries (See No #4 about Listening) and making yourself available for them is one of the best thing to them.

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4. Be a Good Listener and Observer - As a parent, Its one thing to be a listener and its another thing to be a GOOD listener. When discussing with your children and they're sharing their worries with you, do not listen for the sake of listening only but also to analyze their worries and also attempts to offer solution.
      Also be a good observer who knows when their child is feeling uneasy about something. This will help in building children's self esteem 

5. Parenting Plan, and Planning For Your Children's Future - What do you have in Stock for your Children's 's future? Are you someone who believe things will work out themselves or you are someone who plans ahead?
    Prepare your child for the future and also the future for your child.

6. Integrate them to larger society -
Sooner or later, your child will need to become part of the larger society apart from the immediate family before becoming independent. Whilst they would have to do lots of things on their own, it would be easier and faster to help them.
     Integrate your child to the larger society but before then, try to guide them so they won't fall into the wrong hands.

Lastly, i want to use this moment to commend the efforts of all Responsible Parents out there.


... Maybe Its Just a Blessing in Disguise

I've been away on this blog like FOREVER, though that word FOREVER, is an exaggeration cos i've not been away for that so long;) But the thing is; whenever i couldn't publish a post on time, i feel like i've away for so very very long.
Yet my main reason for not publishing a post on time is not because i have writers' block or something, but my mobile phone device which i used for my blogging activities recently stopped working with the Blogger Platform.

In order to continue publishing post, i had to create a new option which was having to draft a post on my phone and copy it to my facebook notes. And whenever am on a connected PC, i would move the post from facebook to Blogger post-editor and continue there.

During this period, i still use the mobile phone device to do blogposts promotion on social networks, replying 'n' sending mails, and some other things but i still hated every single moment i was unable to use the Blogger Post-editor on the phone. Although the phone bug made me become smarter (by forcing me to think of another method) but it still make things more complicated and also does take a lot of time before i could publish a single post:/
That made me COMPLAIN A LOT about what i do not have and thus, forgot to BE THANKFUL for what i already had.

Then something later happened and that changed my perspection about nature.

After some times in which the bug occurred, my mobile phone device suddenly stopped working (i talked about how it happened on this post likewise how it was fixed) and i couldn't use the phone for DAYS! Additionally, What added salt to the injury was that; it was during the week that i was expecting some calls that the phone stopped working.

"Thou should be thankful for what you have,
instead of complainning a lot about what you do not have"

When my mobile phone device went out of action completely and i couldn't call, send text and some other things, i then realized 'HALF A LOAF, IS BETTER THAN NONE' *winks*
However the Good News is; I was also been able to come up with New ideas about blogging in which am sure if the device didn't act up like that, i MIGHT not able to come up with those ideas.

I'll be stopping right here and i hope you guys grab something from my recent life lesson. Feel free to leave me a comment and If you have a moment, i would also love to hear from you about your recent life lesson via the comment box below!
Stay blessed!

UPDATE - I've now gotten a new device

My First Love Story 4 (After High School)

The time was 9 in the morning at a large city from the Western Part of Africa. Birds nearby, were whistling happily from different locations and children of different age were also seen playing around as it was their 3rd term holiday.
A young boy in his late teen came out through the backyard of an house painted in blue. He stretched his hand and began brushing his teeth. From his action, one could deduce the fact that he had just woken up from sleep.
The boy finished brushing and was about to turn back to enter the house when a woman came from inside the house and hand a mobile phone to him.

'Your phone was ringing but it stopped before i came here' the woman said

'Thank you Mum' Abbey said and collects the phone from her.

Holding the toothbrush in his right hand, Abbey uses his left hand to press his phone in order to check the missed call, in which it turns out to be his childhood friend 'Oyinda'. He was short of mobile airtime then, so he dial the shortcode for (borrowing airtime) so he can call her back asap. Upon receiving the credit, he dialed her number

'Hello Oyinda'

'How are you Abbey?

'Am fine. I missed your call on my phone and...'

'Yeah, i just wanted to say hello to you as its been a while we talked last'

'Thats true and i was already thinking that after am through with brushing my Teeth, i should borrow airtime and call your number'

'Really? That means our mind works together! '

'hahaha! Of course! Ehm... I guess you must have checked your O level result?'

'Yes i had, since the result has been announced to be officially out. Its even part of what i wanted to tell you when i called '

'So whats the score?'

'I made all the required papers, with 2 distinctions and the remainning Credits!'

'Wow! Thats fantastic! You need to celebrate this for me oo'

'Celebration? I hope you knew am not yet a working class, still an aspiring student'

'Just joking though, but whatever sha, you still will celebrate it for me'

'Okay, i've heard you. So how about yours? Am sure you're going to have at least 6 distinctions'

'I haven't checked mine though, currently short of funds to buy the scratch card but in 3days time, i ought to have gotten it'

'Alright but pls inform me whenever you check. I will also have you in mind but just in case, i might forget, please call me'

'Okay friend. And how is Mummy and dadd.....'

Computer Voice: Your account balance is low, please load a recharge card

Abbey ends the call after finding out that his borrowed credit had exhausted. He went back inside to prepare for shower and go meet his friend for the new job they recently found - marketing.
After being through in dressing up and eating the Jollof rice breakfast prepared by his mother, he was about to leave house when his friend showed up.

'You know we're almost late?' Abeeb said

'Sorry pal, i slept late yesterday and the penalty for it is my waking up late this morning' Abbey replied

'Alright. Lets go sha before the manager runs out of patience'

'Yeah, thats true!'

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The two friends walked to a building which is like a few blocks from Abbey's house. When they got there, they met 2 young boys and 3 girls like in their late teens and busy loading goods at the back of a Bus.
Abeeb walked up to one of the girl and asked about the manager. The girl whose name is Dammy replied him that he's discussing with assistant manager inside.

'I hope no problem?' Abbey said

'There is ooo. The manager just dismissed 3 people among us who got low sales yesterday.' Dammy replied

'Eeewo! Thank God we haven't come earlier, am double sure me and Abeeb would have been among them cos we also got low sales yesterday'

'Really?' Dammy asked

'ehn now. And it was just that yesterday oo, before we used to...'

'Why are you just coming now Abbey and Abeeb?' The manager said coming out from the house

'Sir! we are, i mean i...' Abbey tried to find the right words to explain the reason for his lateness but he was cut off words

'Don't bother to explain. I believe your colleagues must have informed you about those we dismissed? Am imploring you the others that you should try your best and make good sales'

'Okay sir' All the boys and girls replied in chorus

'I hope you're through with the loading of the goods.' The assistant manager asked

'Yes sir, all done' One of the boys replied

'Alright, lets get moving then' The assistant manager said



Sometimes what we sees as an unpleasant thing,
might actually be a blessing in disguise
(as in the case of Abbey's lateness)

What other lessons do you learn in this chapter, comment here or feel free to send it to my mail at

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Which One Would You Choose? || Good Sense Of Humour OR a Cool Nice Voice

Sometimes we tend to like someone because of something we see in them or rather, the quality we believe they possess. Now lets take a closer look into the personality of having a nice voice and sense of humour.
As a Man, would you prefer having sense of humour over that of a Nice Voice?
And if you're a Woman, would you rather like having a man possessing sense of humour than the latter?

This question was what i saw on a popular Q and A's sites in which i couldn't stop myself from thinking on expantiating, and how to post it on this blog.

[Did You Dislike Something About Your Partner? Then Read this

When i read the contents of the post, i found some answers in which some said 'they prefer a man with sense of humour', while another group said they'd like a man with a very nice voice.
But from my own perspective, i think both are cool and if a man possess the two, then he's really really LUCKY! ;)

However while each of this personality had their advantages, there is still a side-effects attached to them. Below, i would mentioned the Pros and Cons of the two in General, and also in Relationship.

For A Man Who Had A Sense of Humour Over Cool Nice Voice

The Pros: Generally, this personality makes the man to be liked by many because of the way he puts smiles on people's face during convo. (you can check my own funny convo here.
And in Relationship, i guess his future partner would hardly had boring moments whenever she's around him. Isn't that true?

The Cons: If the man gets TOO EXTREME with his humour, people might not take him serious even at the moment he's trying to be frank.
And in Relationship, the funny thing is; if a quote which says 'Girls Fall in Love with what they hear' is TRUE, then because of his *uncool and unnice voice*, majority of girls might not completely like talking to him on phone or via anything involving his voice.

For A Man With Cool Nice Voice Over Sense of Humour

The Pros: Generally, people are going to love hearing his voice or talking with him on phone. If he's talented, he might successfully built a music career.
And in Relationship, his Partner would like hearing his cool nice voice over, and over again;)

The Cons: Generally, his Nice Voice might eventually bored people if sense of humour is not involved.
And in Relationship, i once came across a post on the internet which a woman said "She's not feeling okay with her partner not having sense of humour"

[Can Distance Really Alter Love Intensity?]

As for me ooh, am humorous but i think my voice is somehow little manly. Lots of people that'd talked with me on phone said they did love the Unique Voice probably i would have changed it;)
Wait, you doubt if a voice could be changed? Well, I think it can:)

Now Over to you, Which one do you like between the two? I would like to hear from you