Feeling Lost In Your 20s? Here Are 5 Tips To Stay Motivated and Survive

If you are lucky or should i say fortunate, your life must have been fixed perfectly or almost perfect in your 20s.

You could be that guy who is about to finish his passionate course in the University or maybe the Lady who is already through with her degree program and working in a well-paid company.
     If not that, you might be the lady who is about to get married to the love of her life or a young man who is earning big with his skills.

   Those people that fits into the category i just mentioned above are what i meant by "life had been fixed either "Perfectly" or "almost Perfect".

Otherwise; At your 20s, you are still trying to fix the puzzle of your life and the more you tried to fix it, the more things get complicated in which you then got so confused to the extent that you begin to ponder if the "right things" you are doing are actually wrong and the "wrong things" were actually the right thing you should do.
        And it was at this point that it will be a little bit hard to Stay Sane because of the confusion, and turbulence. To take not much of our time, below are some tips to help you pull it through

5 Quick Tips To Help In Staying Sane Amidst Confusion At Early 20s

1. Love Yourself
I once talked in great length about "loving yourself" on this post. Life is going to throw both the good and the bad on your way likewise you might meet someone "you think" is better than you but whatever happens, Do not "Stop Loving Yourself".
     When you look in the mirror and appreciate the person you saw, you'll find it easy NOT to worry too much about those things that haven't worked out, yet and also this will give you the confidence to work on the things you can handle.
    "Either you conquer yourself or you are conquered by self", Choose One

2. Discover!
    There are great things lying inside of you and all you need to do is to dig it out and enjoy. One of the most bestsellers book of all time, "Think and Grow Rich" mentioned the fact that; More Gold has been mined from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth!
    Instead of feeling bad about your current situation, Look within yourself and you'll be surprised at what you'll discover. It could be a skill or some kind of talent which is going to be helpful in solving the mystery behind the confusion.

3. Work Diligently
    Humans are rewarded based on what they act and not based on what they know. It is one thing to have talents and skills, and it is another thing entirely to use it. Whatever it is that you know, work diligently on it. You don't sit down and expect Success to come and meet you, Success is something one have to earn by working for it.
      Do it diligently and sooner or later, everything else would fall in place.

 4. Do Not Compare and Contrast
   If you are the type who grumble all the time comparing your life's journey to another person then yo need to take it easy on yourself. In life; some people would get ahead of you, while you'll get ahead of some but in the end, you'll later reach where you are going.
       Comparing your life's journey to another person has an higher chance of making you lose your self-esteem and thus reducing your productivity. Instead of wishing to be someone else, focus and build yourself to someone people would wish for.

5. Give Time Some Time
     Patience, they say is Virtue. You get the chick by hatching (which is patience) and not by breaking the egg, so says a Proverb. If things doesn't works the way you expected, maybe the time wasn't yet ripe and all it requires was a little bit patience.

Between being a Caring and An Over-worrying Parent [The Thin Line]

Sometimes a Parent might be doing something which he thought is best for his child in which as a matter of fact, ain't the best. One of them is what am about to share on this post which is the thin line between a Caring and an Over-worrying Parents.

   Although these two seems pretty much alike so much that one can easily mistook one for the other but they are quite not so, as While one can make your Child become a better Adult, the other might deter him. This is why every Parents must be very careful as regards these two when showing love to their children.

3 Differences Between Caring For Your Children and Over-worrying About Them 


1. Showing vs Thinking : When it comes to actions, a Caring parent would rather Show it while an Over-worrying parent would Think a lot about it instead of Acting.

  Taking for instance; A girl came home from school one day telling her Parents she needed to pay her school fess as soon as possible in which failure to do that would prevent her from partaking in the oncoming examinations. Unluckily, that period seems to be a time the parents of that girl were short of cash.
    In this situation, While a Caring Parents would take action on what to do, to get the "school fees" for her, an Over-worrying Parents is likely to worry a lot about their Predicament and how it is about to affect their beloved child.

2. Doubt vs Confidence : We are all aware of the fact that Training a Child to become a better Adult starts from young age. If so, Are you the type of Parent who plants Confidence in your kid's heart or is it the seed of Doubt you are sowing in his heart? The interesting part is; You might not even know you are Planting Doubt in his heart as to you, it might seems like you're protecting your child.

 While a Caring Parent would assure his child to out new things, regardless of success or failure, An Over-worrying Parent wouldn't want her child to do it for fear of getting hurt or failing at it. Hence, the Caring Parent would instill "Confidence" in the Child for allowing him to try new things while the Over-worrying Parents would be instilling "Self-Doubt" due to Over-caution.

3. Fear vs Free-Will : As a Parent, you shouldn't allow fear to overwhelm you to the extent that your child feel caged? I ain't saying you shouldn't be Vigilant about your children, of course you should as Children needs to be watchful of so they don't make bad mistakes that's going to be severe.
  But then, parents shouldn't let that fear stop them from giving the children free-will when the occasion demands.

Bottom Line: Like i earlier said, there is a thin line between Caring for a Child and Over-worrying about him in which one might easily mistook one from the other but i believe this post had provide a better clarification:)

On Saying NO In Friendship

A friend hand over a box of chocolate to Aderola and she reluctantly accept it.
Without giving a second thought, she unwrap the box of chocolate and starts chewing even though deep down in her, Aderola knew she ought not to do that because she's just recovering from a toothache and she's to avoid anything too sweet.
      But then, Aderola doesn't want to say "NO" as she do not want to offend her friend or cause distrust in their friendship.

The example mentioned above might be entirely different from yours and mine but almost all of us are guilty of sacrificing our convenience for the sake of others, majorly family and friends. Whilst its a good idea to do that for our loved ones, it wouldn't hurt to say "NO" in a way the other party would understand instead of us getting hurt in the process.
  Sometimes it might be in form of irresistible money, or other material things in which if we go ahead with it, we already knew the consequence that it would either affect us negatively or the other person involved.
  Then what are we suppose to do?

Am well aware of the fact that most of the things that require us saying "NO" are sometimes irresistible but like the quote above says;

Man does not live by bread alone,
but also to say "NO"
When the Occasion demands
You might wonder, in this case then, what is one suppose to do?

Well, i was thinking how about Aderola whom i mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post, telling her friend politely that she appreciate the chocolate but she wouldn't be able to take it simply because she's just recovering from a toothache.
   By saying this, She would be saving herself from the toothache and also saving the friendship.

What do you think about this?
Have you ever found yourself in a position whereby its so hard to say "NO"?
How did you get through it?
Feel free to share experience using the comment box below:)

Here's How Teens Can Protect Themselves From Cyberbullying On Social Networks

The Internet has made the world a global village and thus making it easier to connect with people all around the world in an instant. Whilst this is a good news because of the advantages, it is sad that some bad people are using it to prey on others.
     Cyberbullying is one of the major disadvantages of the Internet which implies the stronger and matured one using Internet ESPECIALLY Social Networks to bully the weaker and ignorant one in which quite often, Teens are usually targeted because predators knew people in this age bracket is likely to have little knowledge about the Internet.
     Since its almost impossible to stop the young ones from using the Internet, I hope to share handy tips for Teens to prevent themselves from cyber bullying  on the Internet.

As unreal as it might sounds, it is not mere fact that Cyberbullying had sent some people to early grave while some are stigmatized hence the need for Teens to be careful when using the Internet. An example of a Cyberbullying victim is that of Amanda Todd, a young girl whom was a victim and committed suicide due to the stigmatization.
   You can read more about Amanda Todd and her story here on Wikipedia
  This and other stories are trying to point out that whilst Social Media can be useful, it is important to educate the young ones to stay safe.

How Teen Can Prevent Cyberbullying On the Internet

. Do not Reveal too much Information About You in Your Profile details - When an unknown person wants to know a lot about you, your profile is the first place he or she would stalk. Although teen puts their bio details in a bid to make it easier for friends to connect with them and/or meet like-minded people.
      Sadly, Predators use these information to carry out their ill acts. Teens should be discreet in giving out Top information like Age, Home Address, and the likes.

. Be Mindful of What You Shared Online -- The Internet is so powerful to the extent that "A simple status you update in your room can travel to more than 6 countries likewise seen by hundreds of people in a single minute!" Am not saying you shouldn't be free to express yourself, No. What am simply implying is; Be Wary Of The Kind Of Information You Share Out,  Most Especially If You're A Girl.
        Using words like "sexy" or sharing a picture of you in too much revealing outfit is likely to attract the unwanted people.

Intermission - 2 Things You Should Start Doing Now Irrespective Of Age

. Be Conscious When Chatting With Strangers - When i was in my late teen years ago, i was a curious person who is interested in learning about other people from outside my country in which I happen to get connected with a writer (i think he's a psycologist too)  from Shanghai, a lady from India who taught me few Hindu language, and etcetera so there's nothing bad in meeting people from other places:)
    However whilst some people might have good intentions toward you, others might not and thats why you need to be conscious especially if you're the curious type or someone so eager to meet new people.
       The story of Amanda Todd whom i mentioned i earlier in this post happen to be chatting with a stranger and the stranger requested Amanda to bare her boob in a cam for him to see. The innocent teen did it and years later, the person haunted her with it till the girl could no longer take it and committed suicide.
  In one word, When chatting with strangers, never deny yourself the right to say 'NO' when your instinct tells you and be concious of the kind of things you discussed or share.

The Bottom Line
The teen years is one of the most interesting years and what you do with it is going to have impact in the near future. If you do well with it, you're going to enjoy the next phase but a mistake in the teenager years might do damages in the next phase.
  (Are you a Parent? Read also What Children Need From Their Parents

Parenting Tips: 6 Important Things Parents Should Try and Do For Their Child/Children

Parenting is one SPECIAL role in life as it can simply be put as the foundation that which plays a big part in the life of the future generation (the kids). It is a role every parents need to play well so as to secure the future of their young ones likewise themselves.
      On this post, i would like to talk about 6 handy and easy parenting tips that i believe would be helpful for Parents out there and also help the children.

6 Parenting Skills/Tips Every Parents Should Endeavor To Have/Do

1. Love -  This should be the first and foremost in not only Parenting, but also other aspects of Relationship. Showing Love in this case is not all about Money, its about sincere caring and letting them know they matter to you.
   By showing love to your kids, they would be able to have full confidence in you and also boost their self-esteem.

2. Provide Needs - Giving birth to a baby doesn't makes you a Responsible Parent but Providing the basic needs for them. It baffles me when some parents said 'he can take of himself' to their child whom is not yet independent.
   Although this can be true in some cases but not all cases. You have to build your child to a certain level before he/she can become independent.

3. Make yourself available -
Because of the No #2 i mentioned above, most parents have to engage themselves in a Job that pays well. Sometimes the job especially that of the man ends up consuming lots of time thus making it hard for the man to spend time with his family.
     However it is still possible to create quality time and spend with your family especially the kids. Most children needs their parents to listen to their worries (See No #4 about Listening) and making yourself available for them is one of the best thing to them.

Check out Also: What Children Need From Their Parents

4. Be a Good Listener and Observer - As a parent, Its one thing to be a listener and its another thing to be a GOOD listener. When discussing with your children and they're sharing their worries with you, do not listen for the sake of listening only but also to analyze their worries and also attempts to offer solution.
      Also be a good observer who knows when their child is feeling uneasy about something. This will help in building children's self esteem 

5. Parenting Plan, and Planning For Your Children's Future - What do you have in Stock for your Children's 's future? Are you someone who believe things will work out themselves or you are someone who plans ahead?
    Prepare your child for the future and also the future for your child.

6. Integrate them to larger society -
Sooner or later, your child will need to become part of the larger society apart from the immediate family before becoming independent. Whilst they would have to do lots of things on their own, it would be easier and faster to help them.
     Integrate your child to the larger society but before then, try to guide them so they won't fall into the wrong hands.

Lastly, i want to use this moment to commend the efforts of all Responsible Parents out there.


... Maybe Its Just a Blessing in Disguise

I've been away on this blog like FOREVER, though that word FOREVER, is an exaggeration cos i've not been away for that so long;) But the thing is; whenever i couldn't publish a post on time, i feel like i've away for so very very long.
Yet my main reason for not publishing a post on time is not because i have writers' block or something, but my mobile phone device which i used for my blogging activities recently stopped working with the Blogger Platform.

In order to continue publishing post, i had to create a new option which was having to draft a post on my phone and copy it to my facebook notes. And whenever am on a connected PC, i would move the post from facebook to Blogger post-editor and continue there.

During this period, i still use the mobile phone device to do blogposts promotion on social networks, replying 'n' sending mails, and some other things but i still hated every single moment i was unable to use the Blogger Post-editor on the phone. Although the phone bug made me become smarter (by forcing me to think of another method) but it still make things more complicated and also does take a lot of time before i could publish a single post:/
That made me COMPLAIN A LOT about what i do not have and thus, forgot to BE THANKFUL for what i already had.

Then something later happened and that changed my perspection about nature.

After some times in which the bug occurred, my mobile phone device suddenly stopped working (i talked about how it happened on this post likewise how it was fixed) and i couldn't use the phone for DAYS! Additionally, What added salt to the injury was that; it was during the week that i was expecting some calls that the phone stopped working.

"Thou should be thankful for what you have,
instead of complainning a lot about what you do not have"

When my mobile phone device went out of action completely and i couldn't call, send text and some other things, i then realized 'HALF A LOAF, IS BETTER THAN NONE' *winks*
However the Good News is; I was also been able to come up with New ideas about blogging in which am sure if the device didn't act up like that, i MIGHT not able to come up with those ideas.

I'll be stopping right here and i hope you guys grab something from my recent life lesson. Feel free to leave me a comment and If you have a moment, i would also love to hear from you about your recent life lesson via the comment box below!
Stay blessed!

UPDATE - I've now gotten a new device

Which One Would You Choose? || Good Sense Of Humour OR a Cool Nice Voice

Sometimes we tend to like someone because of something we see in them or rather, the quality we believe they possess. Now lets take a closer look into the personality of having a nice voice and sense of humour.
As a Man, would you prefer having sense of humour over that of a Nice Voice?
And if you're a Woman, would you rather like having a man possessing sense of humour than the latter?

This question was what i saw on a popular Q and A's sites in which i couldn't stop myself from thinking on expantiating, and how to post it on this blog.

[Did You Dislike Something About Your Partner? Then Read this

When i read the contents of the post, i found some answers in which some said 'they prefer a man with sense of humour', while another group said they'd like a man with a very nice voice.
But from my own perspective, i think both are cool and if a man possess the two, then he's really really LUCKY! ;)

However while each of this personality had their advantages, there is still a side-effects attached to them. Below, i would mentioned the Pros and Cons of the two in General, and also in Relationship.

For A Man Who Had A Sense of Humour Over Cool Nice Voice

The Pros: Generally, this personality makes the man to be liked by many because of the way he puts smiles on people's face during convo. (you can check my own funny convo here.
And in Relationship, i guess his future partner would hardly had boring moments whenever she's around him. Isn't that true?

The Cons: If the man gets TOO EXTREME with his humour, people might not take him serious even at the moment he's trying to be frank.
And in Relationship, the funny thing is; if a quote which says 'Girls Fall in Love with what they hear' is TRUE, then because of his *uncool and unnice voice*, majority of girls might not completely like talking to him on phone or via anything involving his voice.

For A Man With Cool Nice Voice Over Sense of Humour

The Pros: Generally, people are going to love hearing his voice or talking with him on phone. If he's talented, he might successfully built a music career.
And in Relationship, his Partner would like hearing his cool nice voice over, and over again;)

The Cons: Generally, his Nice Voice might eventually bored people if sense of humour is not involved.
And in Relationship, i once came across a post on the internet which a woman said "She's not feeling okay with her partner not having sense of humour"

[Can Distance Really Alter Love Intensity?]

As for me ooh, am humorous but i think my voice is somehow little manly. Lots of people that'd talked with me on phone said they did love the Unique Voice probably i would have changed it;)
Wait, you doubt if a voice could be changed? Well, I think it can:)

Now Over to you, Which one do you like between the two? I would like to hear from you

My First Podcast + Important Life Lessons

Did you just read the Post title? I finally did my First Podcast!
    Not that am new to the Podcast of a thing Concept but me doing it especially at this moment, IS A REALLY REALLY LITTLE BIG THING (In Iris West's Voice as seen in The Flash Movie). In this post, am going to tell you what makes my podcast special and the life lesson you too can learn from what i just did.


Just in-case you're wondering what's a Podcast?
    A Podcast is simply a digital audio available on the internet for download which is usually in series. There are different topics in which people usually perform podcast on, like Darren Rowse of Problogger.Net whom usually did his Podcast in form of Blogging Tips.
The podcast i did was all about the latest short-story which is My First Love Story Series although I've only done the podcast for that of the Story Intro. (see link at the last paragraph).

What Made My First Podcast Special

  • Let me describe my feelings in 3 steps: - You know that kind of feeling a baby feels when he took his first step after crawling for a long time?    I was excited to take the NEW STEP.

    *. That kind of feeling you get when you had your first mobile phone
        I was Curious.
    *. And the Kind of feeling a mother gets when she had her first child, I felt relief after bearing the thought in my mind for a long time.
Like i earlier said, am already aware of what a Podcast is since a while but i was reluctant (or should i say timid) to try it. Then recently, i decides to take a bold step and JUST DO IT!

What My First Podcast Taught Me

  • BEFORE I DECIDED TO DO IT, I was waiting for THE RIGHT TIME, - A TIME I'd have my PC to make necessary changes on the Podcast, A TIME i would be ready to do the Voice Recording, A TIME that i won't be faced with any Distraction, but the truth is; Waiting for THAT TIME would be like waiting forever simply because;

    - I can't predict THE TIME i would get a PC, so why the wait. Why not just Do it Now using the available means!
    - There is no time that i can't get distracted, i just need to be determined and focus on what i wanted to do.

Life Lessons You Can Learn About Me+My First Podcast 
 ==> Is there something you'd really wish to start but you're feeling reluctant because of certain reasons like making Mistakes, Not being Good enough, Distractions, etcetera. Well am telling you that, If your reasons are more or less feeble like mine, then you should do it!

==> You might made mistake at first but laugh over it and work towards improving, as time goes on, you'll soon learn how todo it the right way.

==> As a matter of fact, I did the Podcast using my phone which is an "Amr" format (the lowest quality a sound could have), after which i now did use an online method to increase the quality of the sound which turns it into mp3.

If you listen to voice over on the clip, you would know its my Baby-Steps Podcast *covers face* but i sure did take a leap of faith! As time goes on, i hope to improve.

You too can do it. Remember the one sure way to build your self-confidence is to STOP THINKING and START ACTING! So i dare you to take a bold step and work towards achieving your dream.

If you want to download my first podcast, Goto the Post Here and scroll to the last paragraph.
Is there something you also recently attempt in which you haven't done before? Kindly share with me, i would really really love to know.