7(+2) Lifestyle Facts About Tunde Sanusi [Tuham]

I still don't believe i did publish this post but if you are able to read this, that definitely means i did. Anyways, here we go! :)
   Having been on the blogospher for a while, i feel you guys deserve to know a little bit about me or ndon't you think so? *winks*

9 Lifestyle Facts You Don't Know About Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)
  1. The nick (Tuham) was formed from the first two letters of my name Tunde and the first three letters of my middle name Hamid

  2. I have a great LOVE for Interesting Books! Incase you HOST ME and notice it will take a while before the FOOD gets done; Just Get me an interesting Book to keep me engaged, I won't even bother how many hours the food is going to get done! (That doesn't mean you should spend 5hours in the sake of cooking! OH NO!)

  3. Am a Big fan of Anime, Cartoon, Animation, Whatever. For those who think Those stuff are meant for kids, call me a kid then, na you sabi!

  4. I can procrastinate sometimes although am working very hard to get rid of it. Here is a confession of one my procrastinations

  5. "The Hardest Thing is Describing Myself". Sometimes i can describe myself in TWO SENTENCES, in another hour i feel like 15 SENTENCES is not enough to describe MESELF. I hope to solve this soonest

  6. I enjoy cooking some special meals infact i displayed my ego the most when am cooking. This cooking of a thing made me to launch the male chef of our house story

  7. I love Travelling. You know exploring places and learning about other cultures 'n' people.

  8. Updated (15/06/2016) => i feel like adding more facts to this post
  9. Mom is into buying and selling of 75% of the most popular fruits here in my city (despite that => the city is currently the third most populous city in Nigeria!)
    The amount of fruits she do buy and sell depends on season and funds available. This spoilt me to the extent that i felt awkward buying fruits somewhere else whether am home or away.

  10. Most of the times, Am easily noticed amidst the crowd. Be it during travel, workplace, or home, there's something distinct about me which makes me easily noticeable.
    It might be character, personality, humour or something else that i can't even explain. There's just going to be something.

I think i'll have to stop here before i reveal SOME PARTS i don't want yuh to know about me yet. Lol

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