On Saying NO In Friendship

A friend hand over a box of chocolate to Aderola and she reluctantly accept it.
Without giving a second thought, she unwrap the box of chocolate and starts chewing even though deep down in her, Aderola knew she ought not to do that because she's just recovering from a toothache and she's to avoid anything too sweet.
      But then, Aderola doesn't want to say "NO" as she do not want to offend her friend or cause distrust in their friendship.

The example mentioned above might be entirely different from yours and mine but almost all of us are guilty of sacrificing our convenience for the sake of others, majorly family and friends. Whilst its a good idea to do that for our loved ones, it wouldn't hurt to say "NO" in a way the other party would understand instead of us getting hurt in the process.
  Sometimes it might be in form of irresistible money, or other material things in which if we go ahead with it, we already knew the consequence that it would either affect us negatively or the other person involved.
  Then what are we suppose to do?

Am well aware of the fact that most of the things that require us saying "NO" are sometimes irresistible but like the quote above says;

Man does not live by bread alone,
but also to say "NO"
When the Occasion demands
You might wonder, in this case then, what is one suppose to do?

Well, i was thinking how about Aderola whom i mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post, telling her friend politely that she appreciate the chocolate but she wouldn't be able to take it simply because she's just recovering from a toothache.
   By saying this, She would be saving herself from the toothache and also saving the friendship.

What do you think about this?
Have you ever found yourself in a position whereby its so hard to say "NO"?
How did you get through it?
Feel free to share experience using the comment box below:)

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