Tunde Sanusi Tuham

   Officially, i goes by the name Tunde. Born on July 16th, i can be best describe as a Creative Fellow, Story-Teller, and Blogger from Ibadan, Nigeria in the Western Part of Africa!

     Just in Case you're curious to know more of me, i recommend you Read the 7+2 Lifestyle Facts About Me and when you're done with that, checkout My First Liebster Award Nomination where i shared extra tips.


What's TuhamWorld's Lifestyle Blog All About?

Although, this blog had gone through a lot of evolution but currently now as of September 2017, the topics I hope to be sharing here are Life tips, Research, Self-Motivation, Growing up tips and anything in-between.

If you had suggestion/question, want to hire me for my services, or sponsorship, feel free to contact me via mail on tuhamworld@gmail.com with your request as the subject of the mail or use other easier means of contact here

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Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria