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George’s Pieces of Me By Tomi Adesina [Honest Review]

After reading George's Pieces of Me[GPOM] written by Tomi Adesina, i decided to do a review on this blog about the Book and not just any review, an honest review.
   But before talking about GPOM, let me share a little bit details about how i got to know of the author and the book.
  Shall we?

How I Got To Know About Tomi Adesina

I was surfing the web one fateful day and stumbled upon a piece about Tomi Adesina and a short story written by her titled “dear future husband”. I don’t know how but something triggers my curiosity and I decided to read the story.
     Before I knew what was happening at that moment, I found myself staring at the dear future husband short story official page and decided to take a read later. I was about to bookmark the page when something caught my attention and that was “Click here to download the Story eBook”.

I gave it no second thought before clicking the button and boom! I had the story on my device in PDF format

When I finally got the chance to read the book from the beginning till end, i couldn’t help but long for more work from the person who wrote the dear future husband story. That was how I got obsessed about her stories and opt for more of her works which are; Fola King, Clandestine, All Fun and Games and Beautiful Stranger [see all of those stories here].
    All those stories got me WOW and when i check out the author out on twitter, I discovered she launched a book titled “George’s Pieces of Me [GPOM]”. At that moment, I said to myself
“Tunde, am not sure how long it will be or how soon but I MUST get a copy of GPOM”
Fortunately, not quite long after i saw the book, Tomi announced on her twitter timeline about GPOM Book Meet up & Signing at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.


George’s Pieces of Me Meet up Event

    Here is a shot with the Author below;)

    All I can I say in one word is; the event was great and fun.

I mean to hear the story, efforts, and how it feels to be a writer from someone like me is really soothing.

She also talked about how writing has been a great part of her, the inspiration for coming up with the book, and did I also mentioned that people were able to ask questions either about the author or the book too?

You can check all of GPOM Meetup in Pictures here

George’s Pieces of Me HONEST Review

Whenever you want to read the book, I would strongly advise you’re not distracted to enjoy the real beauty of the book. Here’s why

   After gotten the book, I couldn’t read it on that day [arrived Ibadan late at night from the event] and the day after.    When I eventually force myself to read the book in a distracting condition, I understood some part and didn’t.

  But the day I got to read the book in a suitable condition, i was able to get the message.

    The book is a collection of deep short stories which you’re going to likely identify some happenings in the book as what you’re currently going through or what you’ve gone through.

 It unravel some things about life’s mystery which includes but not limited to loving someone, losing the one you loved [some temporary, while some forever], gaining them back, and how it feels to live without your loved ones.

For more info about the book & to get it, visit Tomiadesina.com

She’s also on twitter with the handle @tomi_adesina

Love and Struggles [Short Story] - Chapter 1

Fred stares away from the laptop in front of him and couldn't help but to allow his eyes wander aimlessly from one object to another in his cozy room. He stopped at the wall-clock and was surprised to find out that the time has struck 2AM
     His mind flashed back to the event that took place earlier in the day which made him to stay awak.


The third applicant came out from the interview room with happiness written all over his face. Fred as well as the remaining five applicants were on seats in the waiting room which is just opposite the interview room when the man came out.
     They all knew well enough that the man had also been offered a job deducing that from his appearance. Fred instantly wished he was in the man’s position at that moment and hope for the same outcome too. Then the intercom rang from the secretary desk in the waiting room

“Next Applicant” The secretary said as she dropped the line

Fred stood up from his seat, adjusted his tie and walked in with confidence.


“I knew i was rejected because of my CV” Fred muttered to himself sadly as he watched the clock struck past 2AM.

He had spent the past hours downloading samples of professional Curriculum Vitae online and comparing some of them to make adjustment on his CV. Turning his attention back to the laptop in front of him, he review and edited his document for the last time. When he deem it good enough and satisfactory, he presses Ctrl+S on the laptop’s keyboard to save the document before shutting down the PC.
     Feeling very tired, he left the PC on his study table which is just beside the window and dragged himself to bed.

There was this saying that; “The last thing you’ll likely think of before you sleep could either be the reason of your happiness or being gloomy

Fred thought of the house rent which would soon be due likewise some other imminent debt and prayed his next job search turns out to be successful. He heard a loud snore from the neighbor living next door and made sarcasm of it

Maybe if I get a Job, i might be able to do that too but not before” he said and closed his eyes into the dreamland


He was holding a toothbrush in his left hand and searching for the toothpaste when a knock came on his door.

“Yes, who is that?” Fred asked
“Ehm, Mr. Fred! It’s me Pa James”

He wondered what brought the man to his door so early in the morning. Pa James was the neighbor living next door and at the same time, the man who was snoring at the middle of the night.

“Did they pay you a visit too”? Pa James said behind the door

Fred opened the door and asks whom Pa James was referring to as “they”. The bald headed man replied sadly that he meant Petty thieves and narrate how they had stolen his GOTV decoder. Almost all the neighbors in the building knew about the Decoder before it got stolen as the old man treated it like a valuable property and hardly goes a day without talking about it.

“But how did they enter sir, I mean did they broke the door or what? Fred asked feeling puzzled

“I don’t know ooh but I think it was through the window because…”

Fred mind jolted back to reality when he heard the word “window”. He turned back inside and went directly for his studying table

My Laptop, It’s gone too!


Shade walked up to the standing mirror and took a momentary look at her makeup materials. She picked up the brown powder case, opened it and applied a fair amount on her face.

“It’s already sixteen minutes before seven. ‘Shey o de nipe de ibise bayi’ [won’t you be late to work]?! A voice called from the dining room
“Mi o nipe shetan ma [I would soon be through ma]” she replied her mom

Folashade was glad their city was not like Lagos where there are high chances one would get stuck in traffic for some time before getting to his/her destination. Even though the time-frame rule of the company where she currently worked is before 7:45AM, she was cocksure she could make it to her workplace in less than 30 minutes.

She then took up her phone from the handbag which lay on top of the bed and dialed a number.  After trying it for the third time and receiving the same response which is "the number wasn’t reachable". She thought of leaving a voicemail

“Morning Love. Tried your number but guess the phone had ran out of battery energy, shey? Ehm, I just wanted to hear your voice before I left home for work. You know, It sorts of give me some kind of motivation.
  Take care..., Love you”

After ending the call, Shade then returns the phone back to inside her handbag, picked the bag and hurries out of the room.

“I thought you’re not going to leave that room” Sade’s mom said

She simply smiled, and walked up to her before pecking her at the forehead

“Where’s daddy?”
“He went to the bathroom and…”
“Please help me tell daddy not to forget about the place we discussed. Goodbye ma!”

 A taxi was passing by when she stepped out of their building. Shade waved the taxi down and told the driver her destination likewise the price she's going to pay. The latter agree and she then hops in to the front seat.
   When the taxi passes in front of Fred’s house, She was surprised to sight some people in small gathering in front of the building. Though she couldn’t see the scene clearly because of the cab in motion but was quick to notice a fat woman tapping the shoulder of a young man.

She knew Fred wouldn’t be among them as he must have gone out at that time of the day for the Job hunt they both discussed yesterday night. She shrugged her shoulder and then draw a mental picture of the documents she has to work on for the day.

“We’re here, Madam” the driver announced

Her mind jolted back to reality

"Oh, don't mind me"

She then paid the driver and came down. Checking her wristwatch, she discovered she still had ten minutes before 7:45AM. Shade smiled and walked in to the company


“Mr. Fred, just take am easy ehn”. Mama Junior said as she pats Fred’s shoulder like a mother consoling her son

There were other people whose items were stolen too from the house and it came as a surprise that none of them knew when the incident was going on.

Fred wasn’t shedding tears but his eyes show clear signs of a gloomy person. His mind raced to and fro thinking about lots of things

Was it the CV he painstakingly wrote during midnight?

Was it because of the job a reliable source told him to come and apply for, today which he won’t be able to do so again due to the unavailability of the CV?

Could it be because of the fact that he can’t afford to buy another PC two months to this time?

Or could it because of the imminent debts?

He couldn't find the right answers and felt really bad that the incidence occur to him at a time like this. Fred manage to take momentary glance at the fat woman who was consoling him and decided to take a walk or maybe find someplace to cool his head

“Thank you Mama Junior, I really appreciate it”

“My son, God will provide a better one for you?” The woman said

Fred merely shook his head

“I think I have to go somewhere right now” He stood up and walked inside

3 Quick Things to Do When You’re Sad and Lonely

We all must have once been in a situation at one point or the other in life whereby things don’t fit into our expectation. This kinda of situation is the type that leads to making one feel depressed and lonely [click here to read about my experience here]. But the question is; what do you do when you’re feeling sad and lonely?
     Here on this post are suggestion of 3 things to do whenever you’re feeling sad and lonely

What to do When You’re Sad and Lonely

1. Take a Break – The first step is to take a break from whatever that's weighing you down. It could be things, tasks, people or even your present environment. For instance; if you’re feeling depressed at your place of work, it could be due to the numerous tasks you’re burdened with. In lieu of this, you can try to schedule those tasks in such a way you’ll be able to incorporate a break so as to relax your mind, body and spirit.
     However if you’re experiencing loneliness at home, then you should check option No #2 below.

2. Engage In Your Hobbies – Rather than sit at home feeling bored, why not use the spare time to engage yourself in an activity you love – I mean something like your hobby. It could be music, reading novels, playing video games, sewing, drawing, writing, watching or participating in your favorite sports (football, swimming, hockey, table tennis, jogging, and etcetera)
     In one word; Just find something you love doing and engage yourself with it:)

Did You Miss: 5 Positive Things And Interesting Things About Growing Up?

3. Hang Out With Your Loved Ones – Perhaps, maybe the best thing to do is to hang out with your loved ones. Loved ones in this case could be a family member or friend and you guys could do anything to catch fun. You can both watch movies together or just take a stroll down the street and gist about some things you’re both interested in.
      Also, if you could afford it, you could go somewhere to have fun like a cinema house, or any fascinating center.

Bottom Line: And there goes the 3 Quick things you can do when feeling sad and lonely. Remember; you deserve to be happy. Hence, Find a new way of looking at the life you presently live, move forward and don’t look back.

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