Chapter 1: The Magical Book

"The Magical Book is a fictional story which revolves around Gilbert and his childhood friend Amanda whom they both shared the same hobby that is; reading books and curiosity.
Their curiosity made them to stumble across a mystery book which make them disappear to the land of‘the unknown"

How did they came across the book?
What happened to them in the unknown land?
Did they made it back to their previous place?
Find out in this Adventure & thrilling Story. :)

CHAPTER 1 - The two Jolly friend

It was a cool Friday evening, Amanda and Gilbert were coming from school. They have been planning on how they are going to spend the weekend. Amanda suggest they should go to TOYAB Library on Saturday morning.
“Yesterday when i was passing by in front of the library, i saw them loading in some new books. And ever since i saw those books, i've been curious to read them" She said.
Gilbert replied “great idea, i can't wait to lay my hands on those books“.
By the time they finished the discussion, they had reached Amanda parent's house as it was her house before that of Gilbert's own. Gilbert wave her goodbye with both promising to meet each other on Saturday to goto the library.
....... To be continued
Updated - You can now checkout all the completed chapters at The Magical Book Story (All Chapters)
. . . *** Moral from the Story ***
Whilst being eager has its Advantages like it brought latest invention in technology, it also has its disadvantages. One should be careful and not be TOO MUCH CURIOUS
At the end of this story, you'll learnt how the two MAIN CHARACTERS almost lost themselves in the FUTURE LIFE!

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