Chapter 3 - The Magical Book

Disappearing into the Unknown Land.
Their curiousity tempt them to open the book and before they could blink their eye, the two friends dissapeared. they found themselves in an unknown place. WHERE ARE WE? They thought.

Feeling afraid, they tried to search for The Magical Book to transport them back but the book was nowhere to be found. 'Now we're in big mess' Gilbert said. The new place was a beautiful scene; trees with fresh fruits, birds singing happily, butterfly flying all around and some other sorts of beauty but what suprise them about the place is 'no single human is present.

Suddenly a voice came from behind them. They looked back and saw a man dressed in white with wearing a smile on his face. The man on reaching to where they are said "WELCOME". Though the look of the man was calm, Gilbert and Amanda was afraid. The man reached out to shake them but Gilbert quickly grabbed Amanda's hand and shouts "Run!
They ran,ran and ran till they were out of sight from the man and had reached a safer place.
'I wish we didnt open the book' Gilbert said
Amanda replied "me too and my instinct told me not to.
When you were told that, why didnt you tell me? We would have let the sleeping dog lie.' Gilbert said
How about you? Weren't you reluctant.
I am, but am just trying to be a man.
With almost a faint voice due to tiredness, Amanda said "you should have told me instead of trying to be a man"
okay the deed has been done already, next thing is finding solution. Gilbert said and checked his wristwatch but to his surprise, it had stopped working. He just bought the watch two days ago to serve as a souvenir for his mum and the seller promised him 2 years warranty.
'Maybe because we are here cos mine too had stopped working, but i suggest we probably be @ 8pm' Amanda said noticing Gilbert puzzled face about the time.
Gilbert replied ' but why hasn't the day here changed to night like the place we came from'?
Besides the smiling man, the weather was also a mystery to them. ' I wish someone could appear and explain what this place is & why we are here' Gilbert said. Upon saying that the Smiling Man appears to them again. Amanda was frightened, she ran and stayed at the back of Gilbert. Gilbert rolled up the sleeve of his shirt to the elbow and said bravely.
"Dont worry Amanda, we won't run away this time.. i will fight him.
To be continued...

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