Chapter 2 - The Magical Book

In The Library

Today is Saturday. Birds were singing as the weather is cool and there is no school today. The children were having fun in the open air; some playing football, some riding bicycle, the girls were playing ten-ten whilst some group are playing hide and seek game.
It was 10am. Amanda went to Gilbert house and press the "ring button" in which Gilbert opened the door.
"Oh , i just dropped a note for my parents because they weren't around and i was about to come to your place" Gilbert said.
Amanda replied with a smile ‘are we ready?.
Gilbert nod and says “yes.

They entered a car telling the driver their direction. Amanda said “take us to TOYAB LIBRARY down the street“. In 10 minutes time, They have reached “THE LIBRARY“. Both looked into each other eye with a sign of relief & curiousity and then enter the library. They weren't new to the place nor to the librarian so it took them few minutes to locate the new books being brought in.
************** 2 hours Later ***********
“Amanda, i guess we should stop here and come maybe in the evening“ Gilbert said. Amanda lift her head from the table and said “okay..lets buy snacks around the corner and read a few more minutes before we go home“. They then went to buy snacks and decides to find a small page book to read before they went home.
Gilbert strolled down and saw a book which looks different from the others. He called Amanda and said “it seems this book looks different from the others“. Amanda pull the book out and read the title “*** THE MAGICAL BOOK ***“ . Both thought it was just a novel, Gilbert said “ open the page & lets read the summary“.
Amanda opened it and read “If you want to know about the Future, Open the next page“? Amanda was stunned.. Gilbert was a little afraid...

*** To be continued ***

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