2 Things You Should start Doing Now Irrespective of Age.

When i says “Irrespective of age”, i mean whether you are under 20s or above.

Though there are some other important things one must start doing now but currently now am able to gather only 2.

2 Things You Should Start Doing Now

* Start Saving: No matter how small the amount is, dedicate yourself into saving. Daily Savings can mostly be done by High school students who are being given pocketmoney everyday or worker who earns per day Whilst Monthly Savings can be done by People who earn salary.
It all Depends on the money & your convenience. Remember small stones can make a big rock, this will also helps you in terms of future use.

* Have a diary: If you wanted to remember things easily 5 or more years to this time, the diary can be of great help. Important Dates, Unusual Incidence, Happy Moments, and Random things that matter can be Jots down into the diary.

Do you think there are other important things one should start doing now irrespective of age, do not hesistate to share via the comment box.
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