Chapter 4 - The Magical Book

Meeting a Friend.

"This time around am going to face him" Gilbert told her.

He clenched his fist, made a firmer stand on ground and stay in front of Amanda to defend both himself and her from the mysterious man. The man moves closer to him and the more closer he move, the faster Gilbert's heart beat due to fear.

With a few steps remaining from the spot where he is, the man raised his right hand up. Gilbert expect the hand to land on him before he could defend and launch his own attack but he was surprised when the hand remain in the air for few minutes and more surprised when the man speaks.
Sir? Gilbert said not feeling sure if he heard the right words.
'May peace be unto you' The man said again and smiled.
Gilbert unclenched his fist and was speechless. Different thoughts flashed through his mind for few minutes.
Could it have been this man who sent us here?
Would he be kind enough to lead us back home?
How should i explain ourselves so we won't land into further trouble?
Should i....
The man broke the chain of questions that were forming now and then in Gilbert's heart and says 'Young human, what brought you here?

Gilbert being a bibliophile had read a lot of fictional stories about special being, some of which are good whilst some are not. But throughout those temporary moments of him and Amanda reading the stories, they never had the slightest idea of encountering in real life with none of them. Probably they would have prepared before now.
"I guess this one must have been the good type" Gilbert thought deducing from the kind gesture and greeting offered by the man.

'You can call me the WISH' The man said after putting down the raised hand.
'The WISH? But thats not a name of a person, although its a noun' Amanda replied coming out slowly from her hide-out behind Gilbert.
According to you human, its not but to we inhabitants of this place, it is. Won't you mind if i take you to somewhere comfortable so you and i can get to know more about each other?
Of cours... Amanda was about to say yes when he took a side glance at Gilbert. The latter wink back at her and she stopped.

Actually she meant to say.. Ehm.. hmm. sir could you please excuse us for a few minutes while i have one or two words with my friend. Gilbert said

He hold Amanda's hand and both took a few steps away from the man facing their back at him. Then they talk in low tones
Why didnt you allow me to say yes. Amanda started.
Why should i? We barely know this man neither this place. What if.. Gilbert replied
If what?
What if he's lying or taking us to another "land of more trouble".
Common Gilbert, the man is cool and doesn't show any sign of harming us.
So.. Gilbert said
We should just trust him. We might learn something interesting in this place and maybe he could even lead us out of here. Amanda replied
Now my theory has been confirmed.
What theory?
Actually i've been experimenting something between me and you in which i think it can now be officially be declared.
Oh mine. What has theory got todo with whats on ground? And what kind of theory.
The theory states - "Its easier for you to convince me than me to convince you".
Here you are again with your flattering. Amanda said and manage to smile.

Now Lets go back to the man. Gilbert replied.

They made a 180 degree turn in a bid to go back to the man but he wasnt there again. Where could he be? The two friends wondered.

'Maybe he was becoming impatient of our incessant sidetalk and had went away to bring a means of transport. Amanda quickly said.
You so much trust this new friend of yours Amanda. Gilbert said.
Well not that i do but he seems to be the only pal we've got here. She replied

Did you mean the only pal. You see if we search forward in this place we might meet someone more nicer than him.

While Gilbert was busy talking about the man, Amanda wasn't listening as she fixed her eye at something from afar. Gilbert noticed this and looked the direction of what she was looking at. It was something like a mist moving towards them.
But it wasn't the mist that surprise them, it was SOMETHING inside not clearly visible. It looks like a figure of someone and sometimes look like the figure of an animal.

They Look into each other eyes and say at the same time " What is It Again this Time?

**** To be continued ****

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