The Magical Book 5 (The Wish)

" I think we should run before it gets closer," Gilbert whisper to Amanda
" Run? To where? I ain't moving an inch from here." she replied without taking her eye off, from the mist.
"But... " He said again.
" But what? That the situation might get worsen... Isn't what you think so? " She answered
" Of course." Gilbert said looking into her eyes.
" Friend, What is more worsen than "we getting lost in a strange land not knowing where else to go nor whom to call?. Why dont we should just stay and face whatever that is coming." Amanda replied him.
'Its true, We should stay and face the oppositions. Gilbert replied her wondering where she gets the "newly-found courage" from. He then decides to act more courageous than her.
The mist reached where they are and unveil its content. To their surprise, it was Amanda's friend (as fondly named previously by Gilbert) "THE WISH". He was standing as usual with his bright smiling face in which beside him is a white horse attached with a carriage.
He explained to them that he went to bring the means of transport and then beckon to them to take a ride with him.
Gilbert was the first to move forward; he did this to fulfill his promise of being more courageous than Amanda, even though she too wasn't reluctant.
After the man had helped them on the seat, he sat beside 'em so they would be able to discuss while on their way to the destination. Amanda was the first to speak before they starts the journey;
'From movies, Horse Carriage are known to be drive by someone. Who will be the driver of this carriage?
'The horse knew where am going, it can go all the way by itself' The man replied feeling amused by their curiousity.
' Sir, why did you left us earlier... if i may ask. Gilbert asked stressing the last sentence.
' Am a busy creature, while you're discussing with each other, someone needs my attention so i had to attend to the person'

' Attention? As how sir? H. Ho. How.. did you know? And Whah kind of attention? Amanda said, wondering what yet another mysterious being might be looking for "THE WISH's" attention.

The man smiled and said; " In this part you are, most of the thing you WISHES for are granted as early as possible. To be able todo this, am assigned the function of making it come true and thats why am called THE WISH. Though am not the only one performing the task but there are some time that the task required at that moment will *specifically* be assigned to me and it was what happens recently while you're discussing with each other.
' Wow, thats interesting but how will you know if someone wishes for something? Gilbert asked feeling relieved and getting acquainted with the man.
The Man replied; Some things are best not to know.
' Its true.' Gilbert and Amanda replied at the same time.
After being on the road for what seems like 5 minutes, the horse stopped moving thus making the carriage to come to an halt. The man told them they had reached his place and point to the building.
Merely looking at the structure, Amanda could define the place as a well-decorated house with beautiful flowers on the path that leads to it. The group of three then entered into the house and was ushered to a seat by THE WISH whom asked of what they would love for as refreshment.
' Who will cook for us? Gilbert asked
' Just mention.. The man answered
' I'll love a can Malta drink and jollof rice 'n' bean combo' Amanda demanded without further hesitation
' I would wish for... Gilbert was about to mention his own preference when he noticed something unusual happening. The food Amanda ask for had mysteriously appear right before her. Feeling suprised, he unknowingly mentioned his food of choice in which it also appears before him

' Do not be surprised, like i explained earlier; In this part you are.. You wish for something and it happens before you knew it. When you're through with the eating, you can now explain how you got here so i would be able of help.' The man said.

********* To be continued *********

Chapter 4
The Magical Book.

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