The Magical Book 6 (THE END)

After they're thorough with the meal, The WISH Gives them some time to rest after which he asks about how they got here.

***** 10 Minutes Later *****

" .... and thats how we found ourselves here". Gilbert ended the narration.
Oh i see. So it was curiosity that led both of you here? The WISH said.
Ehm.. Naturally it is but technically, its the Magical Book. Amanda replied draggging her voice slowly.
The WISH smiled and said "Would you be patient enough to hear a short interesting story i would love to tell you?
Sir, me and my friend wo...wou...would have loved to but if am good at guessing, we've spent close to 2 and an half days here and they might have organise a search party for us at home. Gilbert answered

The Wish stays silent for some seconds and says "Time is static here"
What! Exclaimed Amanda. 'You mean all the time we've spent here ain't even up to a seconds in comparation to where we came from?
Absolutely yes! The WISH replied
"Oh then tell us the story" Gilbert said cheerfully

Once upon a time.... The Wish started

***** 6 Minutes Later *****

Waoh.. So thats how the Magical Book got to the Library. Amanda said
Yes dear.. And there are still others left in the Planet you came from.
You mean Magical Books are still out there?
Yes though not close to where you are and are almost invisible. The only way to find out about them is to use Caitlyn's Instinct as mentioned in the short story i earlier told you.
Oh thats great. I would love to make research on the books and find them out. Amanda said
Oh dear. I would advice you not to make a single attempt to discover talkless of reading them.
Why? Gilbert asked
Because the outcome of those remainning books are more complicated than the one that brought you here. You see, some things are best not to know. You're indeed very lucky to meet me, if not you might have got stuck in this place forever!

FOREVER!! Gilbert and Amanda said in one voice audibly.

The word 'forever' struck Amanda 'n' Gilbert and send fear to their spine.
Could it mean they won't be able to see their Parents again?
What about going to School?
Their Friends?
How about the Library they're fond of?

Different thoughts flew into their mind. Gilbert was afraid but Amanda was much more. They both looked at each other's eye and nod in consentment. [i guess they were trying to say] - "We were indeed lucky, its true some things are better not to be discovered".

So How Do We Go back to where we came from? Gilbert said and broke the ice of fears that had is already forming in their heart 'n' sending abstract cold throughout their body
How?? I suppose to ask you that. The WISH said
Sir. if its The Magical Book you're suggesting to transport us back, its nowhere to be found.
Not the book. Okay this how; You both close your eye, take a deep breath and Either of you will have to WISH where next you want to go.

The two friends stood up and hugged the WISH. Amanda wish she was to be able to be seeing him everyday, Gilbert wish he brought his Nokia E63 phone with him which he had left on the table in the library, in order to take some Photos with the WISH.

Your Wish is granted. The WISH said.
Gilbert felt something in his pocket and turns out to be his phone.
He then took pics with the WISH together with Amanda using different background of the Place.
Yours is also granted as you'll be able to see me everyday from the Image taken on the phone. The WISH said to Amanda.
He then directs them to a particular spot and told them to hold hands.
Now close your eye and the male should wish for where they want to be.

The two friends did as intructed and Gilbert said "I WISH WE WERE IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARY BUILDING"

***** 2 minutes Later *****

I think we should open our eye. Amanda said still holding hands with eyes closed.
Why? Lets wait a bit. Gilbert replied
But its over 110 seconds that everything around us has been silent and even the Wish hadnt say anything.

Okay. Lets do it then.

To their amazement, they're already in front of the library. The weather was still as they left it, Gilbert and Amanda checked their wristwatch and its working back! So Time is really Static there? Amanda said.
They went inside and since the librarians spot is the first place to reach before going further into the library, they were stopped by the surprised look from the two librarians who as well is the founders of the Library.
But... i. i.. just saw both of you 2 minutes again exploring the library. Toylak was the first to speak.
Yes we were. Amanda replied
' How did you get outside the library unaware because the only way that leads to entrance and exit is this door'. Adedam points to the door not far from them with a more suprised look.
Ehm... Hmm.. Its kinda of a long story. Gilbert replied
We would love to know. Adedam and Toylak said in once voice.
Show them the photos Gilbert afterall they're more like friends to us' Amanda said
Are You sure we should. Would they even believe us that such things exist? It will look nothing less than a fantasy to them. Gilbert replied half looking at her friend and half looking at the librarians
Why would an Ordinary Photos which can be Taken from anywhere be *special* to Me, i mean Us. Toylak said.

Its not the Image that is special, its whats in it. Amanda said smiling at them

Gilbert brought out his Phone and first showed the photos taken to his friend. Amanda picked one out of the 3 images in which the WISH appears in and told Gilbert to show them before they start telling the story.
Gilbert showed the Pic to Adedam in which the latter said;

"Nothing is wrong in you and Amanda taking pics together?
"Check the Man smiling in between us" Gilbert said.

"Which Man? No-one except you and Amanda in the Pic" Toylak added

Amanda still shows them the other 2 pictures which the man was included but yet the two librarians didnt notice any Image of human being except 'Amanda, Gilbert and the beautiful background of the place.
Coincidentally, Gilbert and Amanda's Friend - Adeteju, Pslamuhel, Sobur, Abideen, and Damilola - are about to leave the Library as they're through with the reading. They called onto them to help in checking if there is a Third Person in the Pic.
Adeteju was the first person to check.

'Do You Want Me To Get Jealous? Why are you Showing Me a Cute Picture of Only You and Amanda. Adeteju said jokingly to Gilbert

Be Serious joor, We're Looking for the Third Person' Abideen said and collects the phone from her.
Sorry i couldn't find any Third Person here oh. Abideen said and hands over the phone to the next person.

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Thats what i always tell you, Eating Vegetables and Locust beans would have improved your eyesight. Sobur said mockingly and check the Pic.
After staring thoroughly into the Pic for 45seconds, 'abeg na only Gilbert and Amanda i see for here oh' He said in pidgin.

"I guess you need to buy and eat more vegetables + locust beans to Over-improvise your eyesight" Abideen mocked in return.
Make una give the next person the Phone joor. He said

"I saw something in the middle oh" Pslamuhel said and points out. The others rushed to see what it is.
Pslamuhel pointed out that 'its a bowl on a table behind them but the bowl is special'. All except Amanda and Gilbert hissed and said "we're looking for a Subject and not an Object"

"Guys, i dont need to check anything. Since all of you were unable to see something. Why would i? Damilola replied when they tried to hand the phone over to her.

Gilbert and Amanda collected the phone back but was surprised that they could see the Man in Between them with his Friendly and Handsome Smile..

'He was right. Amanda said.
Whats that?. Both the Librarians and Others asked
Gilbert said;

"Some Things are best,
Not To Be Known."

***** THE END *****

Chapter 5
The Magical Book.

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