The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 1 (Food Lover)

"Hi. My name is Samuel,
you can call me a boy,
guy, dude or whatever you deem fit but that doesn't change my love for foods! Yes i love f...."

'Sam! You're wanted here! A female voice shouted.
'On my way! Samuel replied.

He paused the video recorder software on his laptop and made way to the place where the female voice travelled from.

Here i am big sis. Sam said
'Seems the food is giving a warning sign' The lady replied.
Buti just left the kitchen few minutes ago
'Really, its time to add ingredients to the food. But you can still go and check it just to confirm' insists the Lady

Okay let me go and check then. He finally gave in to her words.
On reaching the kitchen, contrary to his thought and in support of his sister, the combo-couple of 'Jollof rice and beans' had been yearning for its master to add the spices.

Sam pull out the drawal from the kitchen cabinet, brought out the necessary ingredients and add the spices with flawless style.
After 20 seconds of gently stirring the mixture, he covered the pot lid, expecting the final result to be ready in less than 7 minutes time since they're using the electric cooker for cooking.

"You're right, the food had reached the stage to be spiced up". Samuel said to his Sister upon reaching the sitting room
"You see, I might not be able to practically prepare food but am an expert in theoretically preparing it" Adeola says proudly
Hmm.. Miss Practicalogy and Theorology, i promise you the warmest hug ever given to you by me, the day you leave your food theory and embrace the Practical aspect. Sam said
Of course, i'll surprise you *one day* brother.

Sam smiled and says "Big sis, i need to get back in my room to finish a task, i'll see you in few minutes time"
Upon getting back into the room, he starts the Video recording from where it was paused.

i mean i love cooking food.
And Thats one part everybody - Mum, Dad, My Siblings especially Big Sis -
love 'bout me
i know it might sound weird to you?
that a Male has passion for cooking
but I guess thats my Talent cos i find great delight in cooking.
How i wish the Talent could be transfered to Big Sis who knew *little or nothing*
about cooking food cos She needs it More than i Do.
Not that she's so bad at cooking,
Actually With Words, Big Sis is an expert in Cooking
but when it comes to the Practical aspect, just dont involve her if you dont want to spoil the food.
I can't really say why she don't want to put her theory
into practical but i'll try my best for you guyz
to do an Interview for her. See you Later Guyz, i wanna check whats on Fire.

Sam stop the Video and saved it on her PC. He then rushes out to check the food he had been cooking.
To be continued......

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