The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 2

"am so lucky to have left my room, a minute longer would have burnt this beautiful food" Sam said to himself after opening the lid of the pot upon reaching the kitchen.
He wondered if he had spent more than the time he suggest for the food on the video recording.

After switching off the electric cooker since the food is now done, he served that of himself and Adeola on different plates then transfers them to the dinning table.
The COUCH in the parlour which is not far from the dinning table was where his Sister is seated staring into her Nokia Asha Mobile Device.

After arranging the foods carefully on the table, he moves forward to call his sister

"oh mine, this music Video is very interesting" Adeola giggle
"what video? Sam said curiously after reaching where she was seated
" Its the GODWIN video by Korede Bello. Inspiring and Interesting! she replied without taking her eyes off from her phone
" I've watched the video clip a couple of times on my PC, i'd love the part where the guy and Donjazzy dance in the same style. Sam added
" Ehn ehn, so you have it on your PC. Am watching this from Youtube maybe you'll send it to my phone when i come back from Shop." she replied
" Alright sis. And ehm, the fo.. Sam was about to say
" How about the food? Is it not yet done cos my stomach has started grumbling" Adeola asked without hesistation
" Thats what am about to mention before you use knife cuts word from my mouth, the food is ready and on the dinning table. Samuel replied

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The two walked to the dinning table with Sam in front. Adeola went to brought out the orange Juice and bottled water from the fridge which is a few steps away from the dinning table whilst Sam fixed the cutlery needed for the food.

**** 15 Minutes Later ****

Waoh. Today's food seems to be much more pleasant than yesterday. Adeola compliment Sam after being through in eating the food.
It might be true because everyday my cooking skills keep developing. Sam answered back the flattery
It seems so cos i remember i also said that yesterday lolz. she said
Alright. Ehm, big Sis i would love to engage you in an Interview when you're less busy. Sam started promptly
Interview? Probably when am back from shop, we should then. She answered
No Probz. I too would be leaving for my friend's place once am through with one or two things left to be done. Sam replied
Alright then. She replied and stands from the dinning table.

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Adeola went into her room to take her handbag, bid her brother goodbye and left. Sam decides to Visit NairaLand.com - a Nigerian Forum Website - to browse some topics before he sends an IM to Sobur - his friend - to ask if he's around and pay him a visit.

After reading four to five topics from his laptop on the Internet at Nairaland, Sam was about to close the Tab when an Image Banner on the website caught his attention. The banner snippet was: Think You Can Cook, Compete with your Cooking Skills and WIN BIG!
Sam clicked on the banner to find out more info. After reading to a certain point, he Paused and said to himself "WHY AM I Even checking THIS? Cooking Competitions are mostly for Females". He closed the Browser and took out his phone, Send an IM through Whatsapp to Sobur to ask if he's at home in which the latter told him he's around.

He moved nearer to the mirror, changed his outfit, combed his air and made way to his friend's house which is a few block from theirs.
To be continued...

Flashback - The Male Chef of Our House 1

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