The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 3

After walking down the street for few minutes, SAM stopped in front of a building and moves closer to it. He knocked on the door reluctantly which gave a faint sound that can hardly be heard in 10 footsteps away from the point where the sound is produced.

After failed attempt of the knocking, SAM decides to try the digital method. He brought out his mobile phone and dialled a number.

am fine and you..
Yeah am at the doorstep...
Alright don't be long...."

He ends the call and puts his phone back to its previous abode -HIS POCKET. Not long after, the door opened and a YOUNG FELLOW of almost the same size with that of SAM came out. They hugged each other and walks back into the house with the young fellow leading in front.

'I thought maybe you had gone out to somewhere when i knocked the door and heard no reply' SAM said after entering the parlour

'I wouldn't do that since you've already told me you're coming.
About the Knocking, i didn't heard your Knock maybe because it wasn't audible' SOBUR said and motioned to HIS FRIEND to sits on the 3 Seater cushioned-chair

'I intentionally reduce the intensity of my Knuckle on the door because i dont want to... '

'No need to explain, so when are you going back to school to start the admission processing' SOBUR cuts sam's convo and open a new one

'Am not yet sure. I intend to go after gathering the funds for the school fee' SAMUEL said

' Really, what about the fee you told me you went to made payment for, the last time we discussed on it?' Or are you paying by Pecentage in your school?

'Not by percentage, actually that fee was just the acceptance fee. Tis current one is the school fee'

'Oh i see. So i guess its because of the Money that you haven't gone back to school?

'Of course na.. Although its not the only reason but its the Major Part' SAM said

'Let me get something for refreshment before we continue our conversation' SOBUR said and stands to move to the fridge

It had been some couple of months ago since SAM had paid his friend a visit as the LATTER was in second year in the Higher Institution and was so busy with Tests, Exams and other Schooling Responsibilities until now, when HE had a long break and thus making it possible to meet and spend enough time with his friend.

SAM found a NOVEL on a stool in the middle of the parlour, he picks it up and engage himself with it whilst SOBUR went to the fridge. He later came back with two chill bottled Yogurt and drops them on the table. After both of 'em had sipped the drink, they talked in great length discussing their recently past experiences.

'There was a recent contest in our school launched by a Popular Brand in the Country in which the winner would WIN A BIG 3 in 1 GIFT, i wasn't able to partake though but a friend of mine who did won 3 big electronic devices - a TABLET Mobile Phone, CAMERA and a LAPTOP -' SOBUR said

'Waoh.. Congratulations to him for winning the Contest and gifts' SAMUEL replied

'a big congrats indeed' answered SOBUR

'he was really fortunate to won those gifts in the Contes...' SAM stopped abruptly

'What is it? SOBUR asked

'The Contest i mentioned just now made me REMEMBER something. I read about a Cooking Competition from a Website in which the winner to emerge will Win BIG' SAM said

'Then go for it now afterall you're awesome when it comes to Cooking'

'am wondering that the competition might be for mostly or only females'

C'mmon.. Thats just Guessing, Go there and give it a Try. There's no harm in trying that kind thing

'Alright. I will try my best.

'We might be lucky to win and if you do, you would be able to use the money for your School Fee'
If you're feeling Timid, dont worry since am on holiday i'll try and be with you in an "arms-length" from the processing of registering for the competition till the day you'll participate in the Contest'

' Thanks so much buddy. I really appreciate the words of encouragement. When am back home, i'll browse for more information about the Contest on my Pc and feed you more information' SAM said and stands up.
We'll be seeing each other soon. He added

SOBUR sees him off till a few house from theirs and bade him goodbye

To be continued.....

Flashback: The Male Chef Of Our House 2

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