Why You Should Pay Great Attention To Your Sitting Posture

Whether Good or Bad, Posture does have a great impact when it comes to Staying Fit and being Healthy. Am not saying this just because thats what and how we were taught in Biology, but also from Recent Practical studies which revolves around me.
It all began when I woke up with an unusual feeling accompanied with a little pain from the back this morning. I was about to diagnose the issue when my Instinct said; "The pain might be due to what i've been ignoring in the past few days. What could it be?
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What Causes The Pain From The Back.

In the past few days, i've been more or less of a 'busy bee' by; Working on Netsocialblog.com, Updating some of the older posts that has one or two kind of errors, Trying to finish The Magical Book Novel for Tuhamworld.Com, and doing some other Stuffs which are Mainly Writing.
And all those hours of typing, i wasn't balancing my sitting posture. Not that because i don't care nor because there was no seat around but because it was either am too engrossed in the work or feeling uncomfortable with the seat thereby ignoring the style of Sitting Posture. This goes on and on for some couple of days (can't remember the exact amount of days) until when i received a warning message sent to me via a little pain from the back.
I knew if i didn't do something, It might get worsen so i had to do something to amend.

"Sometimes we used to
ignore things that
needs our attention
thinking that they can
take care of themselves
without us attending to them" - Tuham Sanusi -

How I Was Able To Handle It.

Before the incident, i do already participate in a Mini-Fitness program, maybe that was even what reduces the Intensity of the Pain. So when i received the warning sign and having known what causes it, i instantly swung to action
I did some stretching exercise (not an intense one though) which lasted for nothing more than 35 Minutes. And eureka! things went back to Normal after some minutes after the exercise :)

Always Be Aware of Your Posture When Doing Something That Requires Sitting! Remember Your Posture has a special effect in determining your Beauty if you're a Female and Handsomeness if you're a Male.

I wish you an healthy, wonderful 'n' joyful day ahead :)

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