The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 4

Sam's parents are seen watching a yoruba movie in the big parlour. From their reaction, one would deduce that they really enjoy the movie. At some parts the couple would laugh rhymtically whilst in some parts, Mr and Mrs Keshinro will display complete attention.
Mrs Keshinro shifts her eye away from the movie and projected it towards the kitchen.

"Deola, is the food not yet done" Mrs Keshinro said
"Almost ma. Just few minutes remainning" the latter replied coming out the kitchen
"Is that not what you told me 6minutes ago?
"Ehm Mom.. You know its because am adding a special treat thats why it took a little bit longer" Adeola replied thinking of what she will said again incase another question was threw to her
"So daughter, what special Treat is it that we haven't ate in this house before? Mr Keshinro intervene after pausing the movie
"Dad when its done, you'll find out what it is. Infact you might give me an award on it" Adeola replied with a confidence she hadn't felt eversince her mum had started the Q 'n'A.
"An award indeed. Just be fast about it" Mrs Keshinro dismissed the Interview
"Alright ma. Dad and Mom, I would have joined you in watching this movie but i need todo something in my room as soon as possbile" she said jovially
"Its okay. You can watch it Later though" Mr Keshinro said

Adeola made way to her room and gently close the door behind her. The mobile phone lying helplessly on the bed was what she first reached for. After which she dials a number.
"I hope his line will be reachable" she murmured.
"Oh Thank Goodness, Its through! She said

"Hello bro,"
"Big Sis," Sam replied
"Where are you now?
"On my way back home from my friend's place, i hope no problem?
"Not at all as long as you answer me on time before Mom find out."
"What is that?
"Am cooking YAM PORRIDGE[asaro], when will i add the palm oil, pepper and other ingredients to it?
" Oh, Its after the yam had become soften"
"Chai... Its been long that the yam has been soften oo, let me go and fix them. thanks my one and only cute brother"
"You're welcome sis. I'll soon be..."

Adeola ends the conversation without letting his brother finish the statement and drops her phone back on the bed where it was earlier picked from.
" I'd better rush to the kitchen and add those ingredients before my parents find out that the food am cooking will take a little bit long" Adeola said to herself loudly.

She walks to the door of her room, opened it in a bid to goto the kitchen but was surprised at whats waiting for her at the entrance.
WHAT WAS WAITING FOR HER? Find out in the Next Episode of this Story

Flashback - The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 3

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