The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 5

'So how many hours will It take the food now before it gets ready? MR KESHINRO said

Adeola was speechless. All her conversation with Sam on phone which she thought was secretive is already blown out.
It took a lots of courage before she could recover from the surprise and answer her dad.

'Ehm. Ehm.. she manage to speak but couldn't find words to add to the incomplete phrase.

'You see wetin i told you Daddy Deola. For my daughter NOT TO watch her favourite movie i knew something is fishy. MRS KESHINRO said

'So Sweet Mom, its you that told Dad to come and...

'Don't MOM SWEET me. If am not eating good food, do you think i will be sweet? MRS KESHINRO said

'Alright. Just go and add whatever you want to add and meet me in the parlour for your JUDGEMENT.MR KESHINRO said and left

MRS KESHINRO followed her husband back to parlour whilst ADEOLA went to the kitchen and did as instructed.
Not long after, SAM entered the house in which his mother called him for an heart to heart talk.

Post Intermission: 2 Things You Should Start Doing Now Irrespective Of Age

***** 9 minutes Later *****

'After combining that of your dad too with mine, we can now use the money to do whatever we wants to do with it concerning your schooling' said MRS KESHINRO

'Thanks so much mum and dad. I too also wanted to participate in a COOKING COMPETITION probably i might be lucky to won some funds from there' SAM said

'You have my go-ahead and blessings, Son.' MR KESHINRO said and placed his hand on his Son's head

After the prayers, SAM stands up to go into his room and make further enquiry about the Contest. ADEOLA happen to came in at that moment in which Sam greets her and expect her to reply lively but was shocked with her sister's statement.

'Dad, am ready for your Judgement' Adeola said

To be continued...
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