The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 6

Sam was skeptical about what he just heard. His mind asked questions one after the other.
Judgement as how?
What does his Sister does wrong?
Could he also be Involved?
Meanwhile ADEOLA could feel her heart beating faster or maybe it was her imagination.

"Its okay, You can go" Adeola WISH silently HER DAD could say that and only that words.

Mr Keshinro finally shifts his attention to her.

'daughter, its not that am so that angry with you regarding the conversation on phone with your brother but am very much concerned about you.
I mean when the time comes, how will you be able to cope with yourself and your new family? Mr Keshinro paused

'Dad, am very sorry sir. i'll try my best to amend things, its a promise. Adeola said
'I know you will daughter, i just want it to be soonest. You know the earlier, the better. Father replied
Understood sir. Adeola answered and knelt down.

Mr Keshinro signal to her that she can go whilst SAM also stagger towards his room. He couldn't utter any word and even if he was to, He had nothing to say as the cat had already been let out of the bag.

He went into his room and heaves a sigh as he opens his laptop to research for more info on the COOKING COMPETITION

*** 2 hours Later ***

Hello SAM, how're you doing? said a receiver at the other end
Hi SOBUR, just want to inform you that i've filled the form and already completed the registration. Sam replied back on phone
Thats great, so how was it and when is the competition's going to start?
Its in two weeks time, enough time for me to get prepared. I hope you're going to be less busy?
Yeah. Since I just came back from school and we had up to a month plus, vacation. SOBUR answered
Let me drop the call now so i could inform mom about the latest development.
Alright buddy. Best of Luck, the Male Chef. Sobur flattered
Thanks but did you know; a friend of the male chef is also a Chef.Sam said and cuts the phone

Sam went back to his parents and told them everything about the competition including the day they would starts. Mr Keshinro offers him some advice and inspiration whilst Mrs Keshinro gave him some "cooking tips".

'On the D-day, i'll try my best to make a schedule that will allow me to witness it. I wish you the best, "sweet bro". Adeola said

Flashback; The Male Chef Of Our House 5
To be continued....
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