October 31, 2015

My WEIRD but Funny Blogging CONVOS Of The Year 2015
My stomach can't contain it alone so i feel like sharing with you, some of the WEIRD but HILARIOUS conversation i had with some people regarding blogging.


Am not sure maybe more of those 'kind question' are still on the way but make i still leave the TITLE - MY WEIRD BLOGGING CONVO OF THE YEAR 2015 - at least for now. Below are two of 'em.

  • No #1 - Weird Blogging Convo
Me: Good day Mr Y, so how about what we discussed the other time?
Mr Y: Oh you mean that my Blog-Building Things?
Me: Yeah of course
Mr Y: Actually i have understand fully the advantages, and when am 'bout to start. I'll let you know
Me: Alright. Or am wondering if i can show you a Demo using my blog?
Mr Y: Tunde, you want to Chop My Money Abi?
Me: Why?
Mr Y: Because if i visit your website, my MB will be sent to your Bank account!
LOL. Had it been that was how money is generated online, i can't imagine how FAT my bank account would have been by now:)

  • No #2 - WEIRD Blogging Convo
Mr Z: Tunde, Which University did 2face graduate from?
Me: I don't know oh.
Mr Z: Does Your blog didn't have the answer?
Me: My blog contains only the Information i PUTS there and Not ALL Information.
Mr Z: Chai... Yuh better upgrade your blog oh
Me: [soliloquizing] Which time a blog turns to Google?
Seriously if its possible to Upgrade a blog to answer ALL QUESTIONS, Don't you think its going to be a serious competition of Cats and Dog Race with Mr Google?

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  1. Lolz quite funny... They think a blogger must know all..


  2. Na so i see am oh Gloria.
    Thanks for stopping by

  3. Couldn't add you can you please add me on Bbm? 5654d97e

  4. As at now, am not yet on BBM, kindly visit my contact details here Gloria

  5. Very funny! Wetin blogger's eyes no go see?


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