The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 7

Seconds passed and turns to Minutes.
Minutes to Hours..
Hours to Days...
Days to a Week....
The time cycle again from its initial point and restarts.
As for the Keshinro's family, it was 2 days left to participate in the COOKING COMPETITION.

Meanwhile, Sam didn't stop practising with his cooking skills all this while and even took it upon himself to cook for the family *most of the time*.

'I wonder what you're practising self, shebi you don sabi how to cook? ADEOLA would tell him in one of those occassions
'Practise makes Perfection sweets sis'
Really my cute bro?
Of course. Moreoever its a Contest. SAM would replied

**** The D-Day ****

'Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the MALE COOKING COMPETITION [MCC] SEASON 5! I am Adedamola your host. Here with me are the successful contestants that emerged as the Finalist.' the male voice announced using a mini device that acts as the micro-phone

It was the first biggest event SAMUEL had ever experienced. He had been attending various events -wedding, birthday party, naming ceremony but this one was different. Although those previous events were hosted by Sam's friends or relations AND the one which boast of having the largest people that came to celebrate had only 40% population of the COOKING COMPETITION.

Sam felt nervous as he looked beside him and saw the other 2 contestants looking cheerful and hopeful with their Number tagged on them.
Out of the 11 Contestants, they were the remainning 3 lucky ones who successfully passed the first and second stage which comprises of PRACTICAL COOKING.

Sam had been scaling through each stages of the competition with the spirit of determination and love but after reaching the final stage, he felt those spirits were not there again as his NERVOUSNESS Increased.
He took a glance at the crowd and was about to shifts his eye when something caught his attention; a LADY was smiling at him. Zooming his eyes, he took a closer look at the lady and found out it was her Sister; ADEOLA, whom sitting beside her was SOBUR.

"i'll try my best not to let you down" Sam thought in his mind and felt motivated

'We're here today to discover whom the WINNER will be for this MALE COOKING COMPETITION SEASON 5! The host announcement brings Samuel back to reality of the event.

'The final stage of this Competition won't be PRACTICAL as we had done that in the previous stages, but will be a round of 5 questions for each of the Contestants. The one with the highest mark emerges as the WINNER!

Mr Adedamola said.

To be continued...
Flashback: The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 6

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