The Famous Male Chef Of Our House 8 (Final Part)

The 3 finalists - Adesoji, Sam and Ajibabs - were led to a cushion-chair which form a semi -circle. The host faced them and begin the announcement;

***** 35 Minutes Later *****

Finally the Lucky Winner for the Male.Cooking.Competition (MCC) Season 5 is Adesoji Bamgbose! Mr Adedamola announced.

There were rounds of applause from the crowd likewise cheers. It was a wonderful experience as the Winner receives a WARM HANDSHAKE with the HOST.
Samuel Keshinro was announced to take the second position whilst Ajibabs took the third position.

The relatives of the winner came out to take pictures with the contestants. Flashes of Camera beam, as each of the winner took pictures with their lovely family.
Afterwards the organizer of the show rewards the contestant with Prizes and Monetary Gifts according to their position.

"I was just about to inform you that the source i hope for money failed, thank God you won! Mrs Keshinro said with almost a tear

"You really make me proud of you son" Sam's father said and for the FIRST TIME ever, gave his son an handshake!

ADEOLA came and hugged his brother. "I want to tell you a secret" she said.
Sam moves closer to her and she whispers into his ear, "You're NOW The FAMOUS Male Chef Of Our House!

SAM giggled

The ENd
*** Moral ***
Sometimes it can be so discouraging having a particular talent esp when the talent seems odd. But whatever Talent you possess, keep on practising it (no-one knows what the future hold).
Also do not be afraid to LOOKOUT for Good offer that can boost your Talent's awareness like Sam did for the Cooking Competition!

Take care of yourself;) bye

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