He's not Shy, 2 Reasons Why A Man Won't Say How He Feels

*crack knuckles*
*inhales deeply*
(talking to myself) i can do this...
OYA lets do it!

The above intro is because of this post, as i've been dodging publishing post related to love life under the category of the lifestyle section due to because a sister of mine, is a reader of this blog (she loves the stories section though) and i dont want her to know what her brother is capable of, i mean NOT YET.*lol*
As a matter of fact, i was even more surprised how she got to know about my blog LINK.)

Even though i earlier said its hard describing myself according to No #5 fact about me, but i think am playing the part of an EXTROVERT for dodging the relationship post.

AND now i've decided to be an INTROVERT hence the releasing of this post! and if opportuned, more too;) as relationship likewise career are TWO IMPORTANT things in life. If you want to learn more about career tips, then you'll love Funmykemmy - the entertainment and career blog.

On this particular blogpost; am going to share tips on why a male won't tell how he feels (and not because he's shy).

Most ladies think only #shy guys don't tell how they feels for their #lovedones but thats Untrue.

To save much of our time likewise mine too(cos am typing this from a borrowed laptop), lets goto the 2 categories of people who won't tell their feelings.

  1. NOT YET TIME - We've all one time or the other probably heard of the phrase "there's time for everything" and i think LOVE is also not exceptional. I know some people would want to counter against and says; NO TIME IS TOO EARLY OR LATE IN LOVE but those people that belonged to the first categories didn't think so.
    Its EITHER they believed if they did now, the BOND might go stronger in which they might not be ready yet for that OR some other reasons known to them only.
    If your guy is among them, he's probably waiting for the right time to pour out his feelings for you.
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  3. AFRAID OF THE OUTCOME - These are the categories who was like; "i'd wanted to tell her but not sure of how to tell, or whats the answer going to be". Those who belonged to this categories do so because they do not want the Lady's NO to break their heart or end whatever relationship (be it friendship, business partners and co) that had already existed among them before.
    I had a friend who's like this and prefer to be "JUST FRIENDS" with her rather than telling her how he feels, as his belief was, if it was a "NO", things might turn sour for both of 'em.

Now for those ladies out there who wondeers "why their crush won't tell you his feelings, the above 2 reasons are MAJORLY Why.
I'd rest my pen here.

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  1. I once ell into the two categories...The girl II love, Ii could not just move close to express it because it she was too young. When I finally moved closer, the only excuse she gave was that, its too late.

  2. Eehyah bro, i feel for you. That usually happen.
    Ladies always makes it like; its either too early or too late.
    I hope there is now to be mrs uthman?