My First Love Story [Intro]

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  If you've been following my blog since a while, you would have read at least 3 of my SHORT INTERESTING STORIES. However if you missed these stories maybe due to the fact that you just discover my blog, do not worry as I've got you covered, you can simply go read my adventure story titled the magical book here and that of Food via the male chef of our house here.
    Now the thing is; I recently thought of writing a story related to Relationship and after thinking back and forth, the best title for this story came up as MY FIRST LOVE STORY!
   So on this post, I'll do a little bit of INTRODUCTION about this Story in which then later starts revealing the remaining chapter one by one like i usually does for other stories.

Intro:  My First Love Story is a story that revolves around two childhood friend whom grew up to have feelings for each other. Although their education took off almost at the same time and progress positively until that of the boy later got delayed after his final year in high school whilst that of the girl continues.

Despite hurdles, the two manage to hang on, but...

Will fate stand between Oyinda (name of the girl) and Abbey (name of the boy) against/with their mindset?
How does their Career choice play a major impact?
What later happen to the cord of friendship between them?

Find all the answers to these questions in the MY FIRST LOVE STORY written by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham) FEATURING
*. Passion,
*. Career,
*. Relationship
and happening only here on TuhamWorld's Blog!

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*** 2017 Latest Update ***
Am thinking and planning on making the e-book in Pdf format, so i had revert the first 3-4 chapters to draft. Once am done with the project at hand, I'll start working towards that
 Thanks for the understanding:)

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  1. Great dear, let's be the ones to publish your book o. Lol

  2. Long time, Its good to see you here @Temitope
    are you into book publishing?

  3. really ma?
    And I have published chapter 1, kindly go read it at My First Love Story #1