On Saying How You Feel In A Relationship

After talking about why a man won't say how he feels despite that he's not shy, there was this question that popped up in which i thought i should talk about it.
The question asks what i think on saying about feelings for someone as to whether one should or shouldn't.


Before i states my opinion, let me introduce you to sample of two people's opinion as to what they will do if they were to say how they feel.
To make things easier, am going tp tag one of them as Mr A and the second person as Mr B.

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  • Mr A said he prefer bottling up his feelings at that precise moment and not to tell.
    ''am unsure of what the response would be and if it happens to be a NO, we might not be able to resolve it amicably'' added Mr A.
  • Whilst

  • Mr B said he would talk it out without minding what the response is.
    ''by telling that person, i would be able to know where i belonged to'' added Mr B

My Thought => On Saying How You Feel In A Relationship

To me, Mr A might be right for the reason of bottling up his feelings. As a matter of fact, according to a source, 'the cord of friendship between two people had once broken simply because the *he* told the *she* how he felt''

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But i *still support Mr B's suggestion of talking it out with the other person. The advantage of this is that; there are chances that the other person might also be interested in you AND if you didn't tell at an earlier stage, the latter person's affection might diminish.
Worse part; when you eventually decides to tell, it might BECOMES TOO LATE .

Moreover by talking it out, you would be able to know where you belonged to, that is; whether you should still HOLD ON, or to LET GO.

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By now, i guess Mr A's supporter must have been asking questions that what if talking it out make things worse and end the friendship that might have had co-exists before like earlier mentioned in this post.

Well, i think this depends on how you talk it out. But the thing is; for someone to have claim to being in a relationship, i believe they are WELL-MATURE like i explain in the No #2 here.
Hence if they could discuss it amicably, things wouldn't end up ugly between them thus making them still remain friends.

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  1. It is always good to express your feelings in any relationship. It shows you are not in bondage.

  2. Its true @FKB's owner as it seems the disadvantages of bottling up feelings is more bigger than the advantages