July 13, 2017

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger [Personal Story]
I sat down on one of the cushion chair in the cozy room facing the best woman in my world (tuhamworld). At that moment, i was still trying to recover from the shock of the incident that recently happened and she had came on a mission to make me get over it faster.
   She looked into my eye and expect to see a sad face but was surprised when she found out am smiling. When i look back into hers, it was written all over her face that she is worried.

"But i thought we've discussed about this multiple times"?
"I know son, but...." the woman replied
"But what Ma?" i cuts the word politely
"Am not feeling sorry for myself, not anymore"
"Then why are you are still broody over it?"
"Am feeling for you Son. For being through all these things at a young age"
"I understand you ma. But I've let it slide by and am happy now, let's not worry about it again"
 We then talked about something else and i did ensure she got a smile on her face before she left my place - a location in one corner of the world known to only few of my loved ones.

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After she had left, i walk back into the room, shut the door and then cried myself heartily! Apart from that a male is not usually expected to show emotions like that, Crying heartily is something I doubt if i had ever done ever since i recognize my left from right.
   Not that i haven't been in an unpleasant situation before but just couldn't bear the one that recently happened {i might talk about the incidence some other time on this blog}.

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  On the night of that fateful day, i knew i wasn't going to be the same person in the next day as there were two options waiting for me in the morning and that is; Either i became a depressed fellow for the rest of my life or i got over it and choose to laugh over it for the rest of my life.
   When morning finally came, i walked up to an imaginary mirror expecting to see how horrible i had become. But to my utmost surprise, i was smiling! A smile so deep that i could feel it in my heart.
  "You look so handsome today, Tunde!" i said aloud to myself!
    And that was how i got to discover Self-Motivation and also gained the power of Humor (or maybe i had it before but was released that day).
   Today, majority thought am usually happy because i had it all, no i didn't. Am just a normal person like you but who chooses instead to smile often over whatever comes in his way while working to solve it rather than brooding over it.

Now, Bottom Line: I didn't write put up this article on this blog to show off, or for you to feel sorry, i needed that few years back (when the incident occurred), but i just wanted to share this with someone out there who's facing something unpleasant to tell you that, #YouCanDoIt!

  You just have to believe in yourself and be determined never to allow difficult situations weigh you down. That is the only way to get over it and become something greater you are destined to be!

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  1. Beautifully written. The suppense though.

    1. lol @ the suspense
      Glad to see you here

  2. Interesting write up and I like the suspense too.Indeed, we can only become better through certain experiences we encounter.


    1. You're right about that Zinny that we could only become better through certain trials.. But some can be very heavy to bear, you know that?


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