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Nick-known on the web as Tuham – a combo of his first and middle name, Tunde Sanusi is a Nigerian Award Winning Blogger, Founder of NetSocialBlog, Autodidact, Web Designer, and Internet Scientist.


If a Lab scientist is referred to as someone who worked in the laboratory to perform clinical experiments, then guess what an Internet Scientist is? 😉

An Internet Scientist (like me) is someone who loves surfing the web either by making research or performing experiments in order to discover better ways to make the world wide web more easier and fun for the people around me.

Some of the discoveries i made are posted on NetsocialBlog while i use the rest to solve other people’s tech problems if encountered.


Autodidactism known as Self-Learning is a process whereby you are the teacher and at the same time the student.

It took me some couple of years before i got admission into higher institution. In-between those turbulent years, i encountered Autodidactism.

   Through autodidactism, i learned about Life, Living, Certain Skills, and…


   Started my blog as a hobby on the  Google Blogger Platform in which most of my articles spunned around mobile phone tips, gaming, internet and Wow facts before i now later began blogging professionally using Self-Hosted WordPress.

     Altogether, i’ve been blogging for roughly 7years in which my blogs as well as Co-blogs that i manage for clients have made impact both in and outside of the country.

 Also, it was through blogging, i get to work with brands, reputable individuals and also connect with like-minded people even from outside of the country


While managing my  webblog, all i ever did was to post content, hit on the “publish button” and zoom off.  However As time rolls on, i begin to take interest in the design aspect of the blog i did own then in order to make the site look more amazing.

    There i learned about the required programming language like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and misc for designing till i was Proficient in Blogger Blog Design and Professional Web Design.

As of now, i have work on a quite a long list lot of Web Design Projects in which all of them had been doing pretty fine on the Cyberspace (You can take a look at some of the Projects here)

Awards and Certifications

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What Services Do I Render?

Would you like to view some of the amazing services i offer which ranges – From setting up a blog, revamping existing website, collaboration as a brand, offering technical assistance, suggestion, online advertisement and etcetera…