Hello there,

Am Tunde Sanusi nick-known on the web as Tuham. Tuham is actually a nick which i coined from my first name as well as my middle name. Am a die hard fan of Manchester United, WordPress badass Designer, Humorous, Creative, Nigerian Tech + Lifestyle Blogger and Storyteller.

I started my journey on the world wide web as a young curious fellow experimenting on different platform, websites, blogs and etc. Along the line, i fell in love with blogs as it allows me to share my knowledge with the world, then i moved on to Web Design which allows me to build and customize my platform back then, to suit my taste.

In one word; am a COMBINATION of “Creativity Overdose” and “Technology Enthusiast

My Passion

My Passion revolves around STORYWRITING and WEB DESIGN.


In 2017, i was able to participate in the 2017 Stars Writing Competition and emerged as one of the finalists in the competition. The competition was about writing an emotional short story with maximum of 1000 characters. If you are interested in reading that story; you can check it out from the BOOKS SECTION of this website. Prior to then and after then, i’ve written and scrambled some in exercise books and now look forward to making it in portable document format.

Web Design and Blogging

With the knowledge of Web Design and Blogging; i’ve been able to use my skills to help my clients build amazing websites for their business as well as easily reach thousands of their audience. Konga Verified Blogger Award, Liebster Award Nominee, Featured on Statusbrew, Maverick Excel, and Seen on Quora, Reddit, OgbongePlanet, the list are endless to the Trailblazing. You can check some of my clients projects here.


Apart from building website for businesses and clients; i also owned an educational blog called FutaNewsandGist for the Federal University of Technology, Akure where am currently pursuing my Degree. The project is being run alongside my departmental course mates where we share reading materials, opportunities, timely updates for the students of the institution.

NetSocialBlog is another project where i share technology and social media tips for people to help teach them something new or solves problem.

My goal is to use my two super-powers which are “Creativity” and “Technology Skills” to play a part in making the world a better place.