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Here; you’ll find the list of Courses that which you can take in order to learn one thing or the other. Browse some of the courses below

Blogging 101 For Dummies

Blogging 101 for Dummies is a beginners course which will walk you through on how you can start your own blog even if you have ZERO IDEA of how blogging works!
This course is meant to introduce you to the world of blogging


Blogging 201 For Audience

Now that you've built your blog; it's time to look for the audience - the people who'd be visiting your blog.
This Course focuses on different means and convenient way you can build traffic to your blog legitimately


Blogging 301 [SEO]

This course runs you through the process of what SEO is and how to get started. In order not to get overwhelmed; the course begin with a brief intro as well as getting acquainted with Search Engine Optimization.


Blogging 401 [Blog Monetization]

Have a decent blog with quite number of traffic but do not know how to monetize or which network to use monetization?
This course shows you different means as well as choosing the right method of monetizing your blog


Blogging 501 [Blog Design]

Ever came across a well-designed, professional and beautiful blog and you'd really wished to learn how you can design a blog?
This course shows you from the Basic, Intermediate as well as the expert level of designing your blog


Quick Graphics Design

Want to learn how to design graphics quickly without having to learn technical tools?
This course introduces a flexible and amazing tool that allows you to design all sorts of graphics - banners, Social media covers, Thumbnail, and etc in Minutes!


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