Get A Virtual Debit Card For Easier Online Payment

If you have been having trouble trying to make payment online using your Debit Card, you can get a Virtual Debit Card instead.

A Virtual Debit card has the below advantages;

  1. Works for both local and international payment
  2. Can easily be managed from the comfort of your room [Using Internet enabled device]
  3. Takes Few Minutes To Get One
  4. Protect You From Online Fraud Theft
  5. Can be linked to your Paypal account
  6. And lots more!


If you would like to get a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) to use for making payment online securely and faster; You can


I. DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK GUIDE – Which explains more about what it is, How it Protects you from Online Theft, and likewise how you can one for yourself




II. Let me help you with all the hassle and set it up for you. I’ll also send you the eBook on all you need to know about it. If you’d like this option two, then follow the steps below 👇

  1. Make a Payment of #8000 securely here!
  2. Send proof of payment to
  3. Details needed for registration would then be sent to you as a reply from me
  4. Supply the details and i’ll take it from there

For more information, you can send me a message on Whatsapp at +2348189655026

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