Here’s How Teens Can Protect Themselves From Cyberbullying On Social Networks

The Internet has made the world a global village and thus making it easier to connect with people all around the world in an instant. Whilst this is a good news because of the advantages, it is sad that some bad people are using it to prey on others.
     Cyberbullying is one of the major disadvantages of the Internet which implies the stronger and matured one using Internet ESPECIALLY Social Networks to bully the weaker and ignorant one in which quite often, Teens are usually targeted because predators knew people in this age bracket is likely to have little knowledge about the Internet.
     Since its almost impossible to stop the young ones from using the Internet, I hope to share handy tips for Teens to prevent themselves from cyber bullying  on the Internet.

As unreal as it might sounds, it is not mere fact that Cyberbullying had sent some people to early grave while some are stigmatized hence the need for Teens to be careful when using the Internet. An example of a Cyberbullying victim is that of Amanda Todd, a young girl whom was a victim and committed suicide due to the stigmatization.
   You can read more about Amanda Todd and her story here on Wikipedia
  This and other stories are trying to point out that whilst Social Media can be useful, it is important to educate the young ones to stay safe.

How Teen Can Prevent Cyberbullying On the Internet

. Do not Reveal too much Information About You in Your Profile details – When an unknown person wants to know a lot about you, your profile is the first place he or she would stalk. Although teen puts their bio details in a bid to make it easier for friends to connect with them and/or meet like-minded people.

      Sadly, Predators use these information to carry out their ill acts. Teens should be discreet in giving out Top information like Age, Home Address, and the likes.

. Be Mindful of What You Shared Online — The Internet is so powerful to the extent that “A simple status you update in your room can travel to more than 6 countries likewise seen by hundreds of people in a single minute!” Am not saying you shouldn’t be free to express yourself, No. What am simply implying is; Be Wary Of The Kind Of Information You Share Out,  Most Especially If You’re A Girl.
        Using words like “sexy” or sharing a picture of you in too much revealing outfit is likely to attract the unwanted people.

Intermission2 Things You Should Start Doing Now Irrespective Of Age

. Be Conscious When Chatting With Strangers – When i was in my late teen years ago, i was a curious person who is interested in learning about other people from outside my country in which I happen to get connected with a writer (i think he’s a psycologist too)  from Shanghai, a lady from India who taught me few Hindu language, and etcetera so there’s nothing bad in meeting people from other places:)
    However whilst some people might have good intentions toward you, others might not and thats why you need to be conscious especially if you’re the curious type or someone so eager to meet new people.
       The story of Amanda Todd whom i mentioned i earlier in this post happen to be chatting with a stranger and the stranger requested Amanda to bare her boob in a cam for him to see. The innocent teen did it and years later, the person haunted her with it till the girl could no longer take it and committed suicide.
  In one word, When chatting with strangers, never deny yourself the right to say ‘NO’ when your instinct tells you and be concious of the kind of things you discussed or share.

The Bottom Line
The teen years is one of the most interesting years and what you do with it is going to have impact in the near future. If you do well with it, you’re going to enjoy the next phase but a mistake in the teenager years might do damages in the next phase.
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