How To Use PayPal In Nigeria


This ebook shows you how i lost sponsored article from business outside Nigeria who wanted to advertise on my blog due to PayPal unavailability in Nigeria and how i was able to FINALLY open a Paypal account .



In the beginning when I started blogging, the major service which I offer was just Blog Design; and since most of my clients were from Nigeria, I had no issues with receiving payment.

However when tech blogging become professionally on; the awareness of the blog began to grow outside Nigeria to other countries. Then one day i received an offer from a potential business outside Nigeria that they would like to do sponsored article on my blog.

Unfortunately; the only convenient means of payment for the prospect was PayPal which i didn’t have. We didn’t later came to agreement due to the PayPal unavailability issue.

The same thing happened again, and again, and again.

UNTIL One day, i found a Solution

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