Feeling Lost In Your 20s? Here Are 5 Tips To Stay Motivated and Survive

If you are lucky or should i say fortunate, your life must have been fixed perfectly or almost perfect in your 20s.

You could be that guy who is about to finish his passionate course in the University or maybe the Lady who is already through with her degree program and working in a well-paid company.
     If not that, you might be the lady who is about to get married to the love of her life or a young man who is earning big with his skills.

   Those people that fits into the category i just mentioned above are what i meant by “life had been fixed either “Perfectly” or “almost Perfect”.

Otherwise; At your 20s, you are still trying to fix the puzzle of your life and the more you tried to fix it, the more things get complicated in which you then got so confused to the extent that you begin to ponder if the “right things” you are doing are actually wrong and the “wrong things” were actually the right thing you should do.
        And it was at this point that it will be a little bit hard to Stay Sane because of the confusion, and turbulence. To take not much of our time, below are some tips to help you pull it through

5 Quick Tips To Help In Staying Sane Amidst Confusion At Early 20s

1. Love Yourself
I once talked in great length about “loving yourself” on this post. Life is going to throw both the good and the bad on your way likewise you might meet someone “you think” is better than you but whatever happens, Do not “Stop Loving Yourself”.
     When you look in the mirror and appreciate the person you saw, you’ll find it easy NOT to worry too much about those things that haven’t worked out, yet and also this will give you the confidence to work on the things you can handle.
    “Either you conquer yourself or you are conquered by self”, Choose One

2. Discover!
    There are great things lying inside of you and all you need to do is to dig it out and enjoy. One of the most bestsellers book of all time, “Think and Grow Rich” mentioned the fact that; More Gold has been mined from the brains of men than has ever been taken from the earth!
    Instead of feeling bad about your current situation, Look within yourself and you’ll be surprised at what you’ll discover. It could be a skill or some kind of talent which is going to be helpful in solving the mystery behind the confusion.
3. Work Diligently
    Humans are rewarded based on what they act and not based on what they know. It is one thing to have talents and skills, and it is another thing entirely to use it. Whatever it is that you know, work diligently on it. You don’t sit down and expect Success to come and meet you, Success is something one have to earn by working for it.
      Do it diligently and sooner or later, everything else would fall in place.
 4. Do Not Compare and Contrast
   If you are the type who grumble all the time comparing your life’s journey to another person then yo need to take it easy on yourself. In life; some people would get ahead of you, while you’ll get ahead of some but in the end, you’ll later reach where you are going.
       Comparing your life’s journey to another person has an higher chance of making you lose your self-esteem and thus reducing your productivity. Instead of wishing to be someone else, focus and build yourself to someone people would wish for.
5. Give Time Some Time
     Patience, they say is Virtue. You get the chick by hatching (which is patience) and not by breaking the egg, so says a Proverb. If things doesn’t works the way you expected, maybe the time wasn’t yet ripe and all it requires was a little bit patience.

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