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Having a regular backups are like protection of your website “investment” – in case a plugin update take your website down or one of your staff went rogue, or maybe an hacker targets your site. Having a fresh up to date backup help in reversing the damage.

WordPress is a powerful software that is frequently being updated by developers to support additional features and functions. However if your theme or plugin does not support the newer updates, it could break your site. We help you review your site before and after EVERY WordPress Updates

Perhaps you were trying to write an article on your website and suddenly the editor stopped working. Or maybe you found out an unnecessary code in the frontend/backend of your website – whatever issue you are facing, you have our back with the “Technical Support” feature.

Uptime simply means the time that which your website is up and running while Downtime means when your website is down. To be able to monitor your website closely and see if visitors are having issues accessing it; we will setup an Uptime monitoring tool in order to be alert in case anything goes wrong.

Whether you wanted to add a new feature to your website – such as adding new products to your eCommerce, add product image, remove bio, add a new user profile, and etc.

At the end of the month, a report would be sent to you (Audits) based on what have been done so far and if you are on the Premium Plan,  further recommendations would be given known as Strategy Consulting.

You can as well choose (optional) to have TuhamWorld CC Website Security Badge placed on your website to show your customers/visitors that your website is being protected and that their data is safe. 

Having making the choice of your preferred plan, then make a payment to;

Account Name – Sanusi Tunde Abdulhamid
Account Number: 3052060473
Bank: First Bank of Nigeria

For any enquires, feel free to reach out to us via;

General enquiries: admin@tuhamworld.com
Faster reply: tuhamworld@gmail.com
Phone number: +2347030783384

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